Roger Stringer   About ▾

I'm Roger Stringer, a DevOps engineer, full-stack developer, author, foodie, speaker, dad. Founder of Flybase.


I have over twenty years of experience (wow, time really does fly doesn't it?) in developing web copy, ebooks, whitepapers, in-depth guides, print articles and blog content in a variety of verticals.

Topics that I am passionate about include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Anything Internet-related, but I have the most fun talking about back-end development such as:
    • PHP Web Development
    • Node.js, Angular.js and MEAN Web Development
    • Real-time Web Development
    • Twilio Development
    • WordPress Development
    • APIs
  • Gadgets if you read my blog, you'll quickly see that I'm a gadget fan boy.
  • Remote work
  • Being a startup founder
  • Agile project management

And a variety of other topics.

My Own Writing Projects

For my own writing, I write here on this blog, on Coded Geekery, as well as on The Flybase Blog, and I am also
currently focusing on writing two self-published books.

Previously, I've published with Pakt press, but this time, I've chosen to go the self-publishing route via Lean Pub.

The first book, is a relatively short book, called The Little Real-time Web Development Book. This book is useful in learning best-practices in building web apps that use real-time APIs such as Flybase.

The second book, is a collection of handy posts, called Real-time Twilio. This book lets you learn how to use Flybase's real-time API and Twilio's handy communications API to build: a system for sending daily SMS messages, an SMS call center to provide support to users, a call center to handle incoming and outgoing phone calls from the browser, a group messaging system to let groups send messages to each other and a few other handy apps.

Why self-publish?

I like to have more control over how the book looks, how it reads, and what it brings to readers.

Having a publisher worked great, but there were so many things that were out of my control, from the layout, to the look of the book cover, to even most of the wording and updates. You are even at the mercy of what tools you can use. For example with Pakt, all your writing had to be done in Microsoft Word.

Lean Pub is a service I've followed since it first launched 7 years ago as a WordPress MU powered site, you can write using Markdown files, you have control over how things look, and how they read.

I'm excited about taking my writing in this direction and can't wait to show you what I have planned.

What books are in the works?

Currently, I'm writing a book called Master The Bots, which is a book that will use several technologies such as: node.js, Flybase and amongst others. I'm excited about this one as it will teach people to use the latest practices to build AI chat bots and assistants that can be put to use right away.