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I'm Roger Stringer, a DevOps engineer, developer, author, foodie, speaker, dad. Founder of Flybase.


I’m available for speaking gigs; just contact me. I’m open to talk about anything Internet-related, but I have the most fun talking about back-end development, PHP, Node.js, real-time, Twilio, WordPress, APIs, Remote work, being a startup founder and Agile project management.

Upcoming Engagements

All quiet right now.

Previous Engagements

Future Insights Live, June 2015, Las Vegas, NV, USA

I’ll be hosting an all day workshop called Build Your Own Real-time REST API:

This workshop is aimed at both developers who want to learn to build Real-time REST APIs and designers who want to get first-hand knowledge of integrating APIs into their frontend client-side projects

What you’ll learn

  • Planning and Building an API
  • Talking to an API via client libraries

I’ll also be hosting a talk on day two called Building Your Own Real-time API.

The days of complex backend systems are at an end, developers can build complex apps now without the time it takes to devote to a full backend system thanks to APIs.

In this talk, developers will get introduced to using LevelDB, Node.JS and to build a real-time REST API that can be integrated into any any client-side app quickly. Once built, developers can use this API for apps of all sizes and platforms without any extra work.