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The Perfect Cooker: perfect for teaching kids to cook


The Perfect Cooker

I first came across the Perfect Cooker for sale at my local Walmart, and decided to pick it up thinking that if nothing else it would be a good rice cooker.

And I was right, it is a good rice cooker, it’s also great for pasta, and even makes a decent meatloaf.

The reviews vary but I’ve found that it really depends on the liquid, etc. Make sure you add the right amount of water or sauce and you can cook everything perfectly.

But where I’ve found the perfect cooker excels…With kids!

My daughter loves making mac and cheese in this cooker, and has also made lasagna in it, but has made mac and cheese more.

She reads the included recipe book, and adds all the ingredients, she’s even started coming up with her own.

For example, the lasagna recipe is the standard one but she prefers chicken alfredo lasagna, so she’s replaced the beef with sliced chicken breast and added alfredo sauce to get a nice dinner.

If you have kids that want to get into doing more in the kitchen, then pick up a perfect cooker.

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Reviewing The Nintento Switch


The Nintendo Switch

I had started to write my review of the Nintendo Switch, but Myke Hurley did a great job pulling together this video walkthrough of it, and nailed just about everything I had planned to write, so I’m sharing it here.

If you are interested in the Nintendo Switch, then you need to watch this video.

The Nintendo Switch is an interesting take on console gaming, play it plugged into your TV or grab it and take it on the go.

The Switch blurs the line between home and portable gaming, which makes what it can do more powerful.

As far as game play and graphics go, for what is essentially a tablet, this is a nice package.

As more games come out, it will be an even better experience but as far as current game play goes, Zelda is a great game right now.