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PlayStation Portal Remote Player

PlayStation Portal Remote Player - Your PS5 in the Palm of Your Hand

Imagine this scenario. You've worked a long, hard day, and all you want to do is to yield to the siren call of your PS5, nestled snugly in its corner. But, by some glitch in the matrix, the throne (your couch) is occupied, and there's a wildlife special on the TV that's more sedative than entertainment. Well, despair no more, weary gamer! With the PlayStation Portal Remote Player, your crushing disappointment is about to turn into joy, as bright and vibrant as a well-executed headshot in COD: Warzone.

The PlayStation Portal Remote Player, henceforth poetically christened PPRP (because who has the stamina for full names after an intense gaming session), makes a promise as bold as that guy on your team who says they've played this level before and then walks right into a trap. It whispers in our ears, "Put your PS5 in the palm of your hand."

The PPRP gives you access to the treasure trove of games on your PS5, all over your home's Wi-Fi*. Think of it as your personal gaming ferryman, guiding you over network rivers and under firewall bridges, to deliver you right into the heart of your favourite game, no TV required.

Got a hankering for some old classics, or keen to test out the latest releases from the PS5 and PS4 realms? No problem! PPRP plays the faithful squire and carries your game collection** to wherever you may roam.

The truly magical thing here is the PPRP's ability to deliver an immersive experience typically tethered to your console. Using the DualSense Wireless Controller, you’ll get haptic feedback and adaptive triggers on supported games****. Feel each gun's recoil, the grit of gravel beneath virtual tires, and the resonating thud of your final fantasy sword striking fear into your enemy's heart!

And let's talk about that screen. No more squinting on a mobile device! It's an 8” LCD screen, bright enough to make your games’ ground-breaking graphics stand out like a unicorn in the middle of your Monday morning meeting. The detailing would make a jeweler weep with joy!

Crank up the gameplay smoothness with 60 FPS at 1080p resolution***. It’s like spreading warm butter on your gaming bread. Scrumptious, isn't it?

So, grab the PlayStation Portal Remote Player today. Because even if the throne's taken, the kingdom shall always be yours.

*PlayStation Portal Remote Player requires broadband internet Wi-Fi with at least 5Mbps. Consider getting a connection of at least 15Mbps for a seamlessly delicious gaming experience, akin to feasting on Grandma's lasagna. You also need a PS5 console, a PlayStation Network account, and a PS5 console that's fully powered on or cozily snoozing in Rest Mode.

**VR headset required games or ones demanding additional peripherals other than a DualShock or DualSense wireless controller are like vampires – they do not have reflections (or in this case, not compatible). The same goes for games that must be streamed on PS5 using a PS Plus Premium membership.

***Individual game performance will vary, like how you're an absolute eSport legend some days, and a complete noob on others.

****Sadly, haptic feedback and adaptive trigger features are dependent on the game being nicer than the average troll and actually supporting them.

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