OBSBOT Tiny 4K AI-Powered PTZ 4K Webcam


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OBSBOT Tiny 4K AI-Powered PTZ 4K Webcam

Greetings, tech aficionados - especially you with the wild eyes of a Webex warrior and the charming smirk of a Zoom zealot. Get yourselves strapped in; it's time to take the OBSBOT Tiny 4K for a spin.

Picture Perfect

Starting off with the nuts and bolts of it, we've got the piece-de-resistance - the HD 4K and HDR Auto Low Light Correction. Let's make it plain: It's like this stealthy Sony powerhouse of a webcam went to Pixels University and graduated summa cum laude. It records your life at 60FPS, making your meetings smoother than a 90's R&B love ballad. The HDR light correction is heaven-sent, transforming every shadowy corner of your room into a well-lit stage.

AI-Tracking: Better than a Stalker

I don't know about you, but my previous webcams have been less reliable than a cat promise. They'd pan and zoom with an ineptitude worthy of a B-grade sci-fi movie. Not the OBSBOT, though. This guy's tracking is sharper than a sniper's scope. Its AI does more tracking than a bloodhound on a manhunt. Highlights of your day? Boom, captured. Embarrassing moments? Pfft, framed.

Gesture Control: Casting Spells like Harry Potter

I never knew how badly I needed seamless gesture control until OBSBOT. With just a flick of the wrist, you can zoom in, out, track moves, and make the camera do backflips. Okay, maybe not the last one, but it's that versatile.

Apps: Friendlier than Your Neighbourhood Labrador

New to the gaming/streaming racket like a rabbit in headlights or a seasoned pro? Fret not. OBSBOT's gone out of its way to be Mr. congeniality. Not only is it plug-and-play, but it's got a handful of apps that do their bit without needing a rocket science degree. Features like Beauty Mode will have you looking better than your Snapchat filters. Trust me, this thing could make a potato sack look appealing.

Vocals worthy of the Big leagues

Step aside Mariah and Ariana, OBSBOT's mic is here with crystal clear voice technology. You’d be forgiven for thinking you were on a stage, not a dingy spare room.

Are you an OBSBOT?

Compact, connoisseur-grade, and ridiculously compliant, this webcam is all shades of epic. It takes your face, puts it centre-stage, adjusts the lights and steps back to let you do your thing. An Alexa-competent gimbal to boot? Game on.

Sure the product's good, not outrageously fantastic. It has room for improvement. Should you rush to upgrade to Tiny 2? Well, if the rumors are true, it might be worth the wait. But if you're in it for the ride, catch the outgoing Tiny 4K on a good ol' fashioned sale. OBSBOT is practically giving them away, with bucket loads knocked off the usual $269.99 price tag.

Unboxing Fun

The Tiny 4K comes with a magnetic mount sturdy enough to hold onto your screen like its life depended on it. The camera slides in with a satisfying snap, and it's back to business as usual - no additional elastics or duct tape needed. The package comes with two different USB-C cables and a cute carrying case fit for a vital organ transportation (not that we’re recommending).

To cap it off, the OBSBOT is handsome. Heck, it’s more tailored than a Savile Row suit. Jaws drop over its sleek design, and the mount comes with a hidden sticky surface should you need it. It leaves you wondering, why don’t all gadgets play this nice?

Pitch-perfect, pixel-packing, and pleasantly persistent, the OBSBOT Tiny 4K is a virtual meeting maestro. It's like the Hermione Granger of webcams - smart, reliable, and doesn't take any prisoners. But in all fairness, it does leave me thinking; "Girl, are you an OBSBOT? Because you make my pixels race!"

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