Camco’s Heated Fleece Blanket – Your Companion for Warmth and Comfort!


3 out of 5 stars
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Camco’s Heated Fleece Blanket – Your Companion for Warmth and Comfort!

"Heat-er? I Barely Know Her!”

Spoiler Alert: I absolutely adore Camco’s Heated Fleece Blanket. It’s like a warm bear hug for your body that never loosens its grip – and you know what they say, everyone needs a bear hug sometimes!

Craving an anecdote to feel engaged? Picture this: A chilly, star-speckled night under the bright constellation painted sky – a glamper’s dream, but a warmth-lover's nightmare. But Camco’s Heated Fleece Blanket makes you confidently exclaim – "Winter? Never heard of her!" It pulls off the 'staying toasty' part with such grace, you'll forget you're even outdoors!

"Some Like it Hot” – And This Blanket Delivers!

Camco's Heated Fleece blanket isn't just any blanket; it’s an antidote for every time you’ve ever muttered, "It's too freaking cold." It sets the stage with warm, soothing heat that is perfect for not just frosty nights but even for those times when your bones ache from all that outdoorsy bravado!

Emergencies? No sweat, or should I say, "No cold?" It’s an over-achiever in keeping you heated and doubles as an all-star player for your vehicle's emergency kit. Don't get hung up on the term "emergency" though, it's equally proficient for those "I just want to curl up with a good book" moments.

Plug, Heat, Repeat!

How can you access such exquisite warmth, you ask? Easy-peasy! The blanket's 7-foot power cord plugs directly into your vehicle's 12-volt power outlet. No need for a degree in connection engineering! Arch-nemesis of power-consuming monsters, it uses a low amperage draw—thus it isn't just cozy, but also battery-friendly.

Fleece Mastery

Camco’s Heated Fleece Blanket brings some serious game to the comfort front, too. Ditch that mental picture of scratchy woollens; this wonder embrace is made of 100% polar fleece—a fluffy cloud, but one that gives off heat and that makes it the boss of all clouds!

In a nutshell, this 59-inches (L) x 43-inches (W), red/black plaid-motif blanket is Nature's way of telling you not to fear the cold. Five stars you say? Oh, let’s double that if we could for its warmth, its relief, its fleece and its very essence!

So, 'Fleece' do yourself a favour, grab one of these blankets, and let Mother Nature do her worst – You're already warm and toasty!

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