BOBOVR M2 Plus Head Strap For Meta Quest 2


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BOBOVR M2 Plus Head Strap For Meta Quest 2

Level Up Your VR Experience with the BOBOVR M2 Plus Strap

Every once in a blue moon, a product comes clinking down the tech-town pipeline that you can't help but ding the applause bell for. Just like the moment when Mario gets his first 1UP in Super Mario Bros. Now, let's cut out the gamer-speak and talk about something that's no mere 'power-up'. What we have here is the BOBOVR M2 Plus Strap for your Meta Quest 2. Based on my experience, it deserves every star in the five-star galaxy.

Those of us who live inside our VR headsets know the importance of comfort and longevity. We aren't passing time, we're slaying virtual dragons and building new worlds! Not to mention those marathon gaming sessions have reminded us that our VR headsets are indeed, not weightless.

So, here comes the BOBOVR M2 Plus Strap, not just on a white horse but also with a glittering flow of convenience and comfort. This isn't just another elite strap or a halo strap. Nor is it an ordinary strap with a battery built into it that feels like you’re wearing a brick on your head. Nope! This strap has two magnetic battery packs that you can replace faster than you can say 'Alea iacta est' - a special shoutout to my fellow Roman history buffs.

Now, let me disclose a little secret. When the BOBOVR M2 Plus Strap parcel first landed on my desk, I was more ready to return it than a disappointed gamer who got tricked into buying a lame DLC. Boy, was I wrong. This thing doesn't feel like the usual 'Why did I buy this?' strap, not at all.

The strap sits on your head like a crown, so forget about your VR headset crunching your nose or squeezing your face like a vice. Not only does it cut down on the pressure from the headset, it means you increase your high score in the comfortable gaming league. And believe me, comfort has never looked so futuristic.

Let's take a roll call of some features straight from the BOBOVR team:

  1. A Power Supply System that keeps looping: The included dock and battery packs are always ready for your headset power service. No need to remove your helmet in the middle of an epic boss fight to recharge.
  2. Magnetic HOT-SWAP: A 5200mAh high-energy-density battery that charges in a blink and lasts for a solid 2-4 hour VR-being session.
  3. A Face-Pressure Reducing Design: Get ready to feel less weight on your face. Thanks to its gravity distributing design, it keeps the discomfort at bay. Plus, the B2 battery packs only weigh around 140g each.
  4. Comfort and multiple levels of adjustment: With its flexible headrest design that fits like a glove and a replaceable honeycomb pad, it makes slipping a thing of the past.

If you're set on staying in your Meta Quest 2 for long sessions, or even permanently (who’s judging?), the BOBOVR M2 Plus Strap is your VR best mate. So why wait? Hit that 'add to cart' button now and prepare yourself for a game-changing (literally!) experience.

Because the only thing better than slaying dragons, is slaying them in comfort. Trust me, your face will thank you.

One note is that the Meta brand case they make for the Quest 2 won't fit anymore but there are alternatives, such as the case BOBOVR makes for the Quest 2 with the head strap attached.

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