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Instant Pot Tuscan Chicken

Make this Italian-inspired Creamy Instant Pot Tuscan Chicken. Tender chicken immersed in simple yet richly balanced creamy garlic sauce with caramelized mushrooms and sweet sun-dried tomatoes. Crazy satisfying easy weeknight meal!

Microsoft Announces New AI-Powered Bing Search and Edge Web Browser

“ To empower people to unlock the joy of discovery, feel the wonder of creation and better harness the world’s knowledge, today we’re improving how the world benefits from the web by reinventing the tools billions of people use every day, the search engine and the browser.”

Marry Me Chicken

This creamy chicken dish is amily-friendly, and always a crowd-pleaser! All you need to make this wonderful dish are just a few ingredients and half an hour from your time.

Bard: Google’s Conversational AI Chat

“We’ve been working on an experimental conversational AI service, powered by LaMDA, that we’re calling Bard”

Back to the SSR

When servers were in Swiss basements, all they had to serve was static HTML. Maybe, if you were lucky, you got an image.

Picking a self-hosted Feed Reader

I used to use Google Reader back in the day then from Google Reader I moved to Feedly like a lot of other people did, but I decided a few months back to look into a self-hosted solution and Miniflux won out.

Craig Hockenberry on “ The Shit Show” that is Twitter

What bothers me about Twitterrific’s final day is that it was not dignified. There was no advance notice for its creators, customers just got a weird error, and no one is explaining what’s going on. We had no chance to thank customers who have been with us for over a decade. Instead, it’s just another scene in their ongoing shit show.

Watch out for these Fake 16 Terabyte Portable SSD Drives on Amazon

If you see a 16 terabyte portable SSD on Amazon for $100 or less, don't buy it. Such a drive would cost thousands of dollars. These are nothing more than a scam, and don't work well at all. We bought one and got a glorified 64GB hard drive.

Twitter Intentionally Ends Third-Party App Developer Access to Its APIs

Late yesterday, The Information reported that it had seen internal Twitter Slack communications confirming that the company had intentionally cut off third-party Twitter app access to its APIs. The shut-down, which happened Thursday night US time, hasn’t affected all apps and services that use the API but instead appears targeted at the most popular third-party Twitter clients.

Google’s Stadia Controller is getting Bluetooth support

Google is launching its final Stadia game today and is promising to release a tool next week to enable Bluetooth connections on its Stadia Controller. The last Stadia game to launch on the service is Worm Game, a test game that was technically available on Stadia before Stadia launched publicly in November 2019. Developers at Google have decided to release the game just before the streaming service disappears next week.

Eddie Cue on Apple's year of original content

“2022 was a groundbreaking year for entertainment. At some point over the past year, you probably discovered a new app, a new song, a new TV show or movie, or game. An experience that made you laugh, taught you something new, or helped you see the world in a new way — and moved you to share it with others.”

Pommes Aligot (Cheesy Mashed Potatoes)

Pommes Aligot is a slightly different take on mashed potatoes, this thick, stretchy, unbelievably rich dish from Aubrac, a once-volcanic region in south-central France. If you've never seen aligot before, imagine the perfect fusion of mashed potatoes with fondue, and you'll have just the right idea

Apple Shuts Down Popular Weather App 'Dark Sky'

The calendar has turned to January 1 and Apple has shut down popular weather app Dark Sky. The popular weather app had already been removed from the App Store in September and it stopped functioning for existing users starting today.

Twitter’s landlord in San Francisco is suing the company for not paying rent.

The landlord, which owns the Hartford Building that houses Twitter’s headquarters, claims the company owes $136,250 in unpaid rent. It allegedly notified Twitter on December 16th that it would default on its lease if it doesn’t receive payment, but Twitter never complied.

Twitter Shutting Down Revue

From January 18, 2023, it will no longer be possible to access your Revue account. On that date, Revue will shut down and all data will be deleted.

Microsoft sued by FTC over Activision Blizzard buyout

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is suing Microsoft over its planned $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard, saying that the deal “would enable Microsoft to suppress competitors to its Xbox gaming consoles and its rapidly growing subscription content and cloud-gaming business.”

John Gruber: “Twitter Tumult”

If you had told me three weeks ago that Twitter, as a company, would today be embroiled in turmoil — perhaps outright existential crisis — over a company-wide email from Elon Musk centered around the phrase “extremely hardcore”

Logitech G Cloud Gaming Handheld

The Logitech G Cloud Gaming Console is an Android-based handheld gaming console designed to stream games.

Twitter, cut in half

Eight days into Musk’s ownership of Twitter, many pundits have begun to predict that this is the beginning of the end.

Jony Ive on Life After Apple

“ One of the first employees hired by Ive was a full-time writer. (There are now more than 30 employees, many of whom worked with him at Apple.)”

The Steam Deck

Steam Deck is Valve's handheld gaming console is an interesting piece of hardware.

Remix Joining Shopify

Remix adoption is growing at an incredible rate, and we regularly have conversations with many smart, passionate folks in the industry who are creating amazing experiences with Remix. You’ll hear about them in the coming months. They love how Remix encourages progressive enhancement and leverages web standards to help them build fast, resilient websites.

Prioritise content over components

Visually, components are unique, flexible units to compose complete layouts. For content, they can trap reusable data into single-use decorations.

3 Ways Database as a Service Can Speed Applications

“Database as a Service (DBaaS) is often seen as a way to lift and shift the responsibility of on-premise databases, but it can also be a pathway to address frontend development challenges — such as web and application speed.”

Kent C. Dodds: The Web’s Next Transition

The web is made up of technologies that got their start over 25 years ago. HTTP, HTML, CSS, and JS were all first standardized in the mid-nineties.