Mexican Street Corn in a Cup

Mexican street corn, or elote en vaso, in a cup is an easy mess-free way to go when you are craving Mexican street corn. Everything is layered nicely in a cup that can easily be carried around.

Beef and Broccoli

Beef and broccoli is always a popular dish, and for good reason. Juicy steak plus crunchy broccoli is a match made in heaven.

The Quiet Times

"About two years into working at BuzzFeed, I reached a moment one summer when I looked around and realized I had very little to do."

Disney+ Grows to 152 Million Subscribers

The Walt Disney Company reported on Wednesday that total Disney+ subscriptions rose to 152.1 million during the company’s third quarter, posting better-than-expected results.

Samsung's All Alone at the Foldable Party

Samsung is throwing itself a party tomorrow with a couple of guests of honor: its foldable phones. We'll likely see some updated watches and earbuds, but really, it's a birthday party for the Z Fold and the Z Flip. They've been around for years now, but last August was when they really hit their stride with the most mainstream models yet.

Netflix rolling out external subscription button for iOS users

Earlier this year, Apple began allowing “reader” apps to provide external links for customers so they can log in and pay for a subscription from outside the App Store. Now Netflix is rolling out an option in its iOS app that takes users to its website in order to finish a new Netflix subscription.

Loader vs Route Cache Headers in Remix

Useful post from Sergio XalambrĂ­ on loader vs route cache headers in Remix, this was something I had to dig into when I did the migration of this site to Remix with Strapi acting Headlessly so wanted to share it.

Meet Bun

Bun is a modern JavaScript runtime like Node or Deno. It was built from scratch to focus on three main things

There is no bar

There is no bar for the quality of a blog post. Allow me to be an example.

50 years of Atari

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of Atari, Benj Edwards interviewed founder Nolan Bushnell for How-To Geek

Celery Parsnip Salad

Parsnips... They're the veggie everyone loves to hate, they're a veggie that tastes best in the cooler seasons when their flavour is sweeter like winter squash, whereas the rest of the time, they have a bitter taste. This dish is one way to enjoy them raw.

GitHub Sunsetting Atom

"We are archiving Atom and all projects under the Atom organization for an official sunset on December 15, 2022."

Ryan Broderick on VR "Real Estate"

There are plenty of ways to make money in the metaverse — custom avatars, cool maps, unique digital experiences, ad-supported livestreamed playthrough videos — but the folks trying to convince you to buy a digital mansion or a virtual yacht aren't going to be part of that new economy.

Lee Rob and The Story of Heroku

"Heroku made it easy for any developer to build and run applications in the cloud without managing their own infrastructure. Now 15 years later, it continues to inspire the next generation of developers. Why did Heroku become so popular? What can we learn from their incredible developer experience? How is Heroku shaping the next generation of serverless?"

Welcome to the new more streamlined blog.

This blog has been around since 2003, from being on blogger, to various custom builds, to wordpress, to jekyll, to ghost, to wordpress...

Elon Musk and Twitter

Elon Musk, in a letter to Twitter chairman Bret Taylor and filed with the SEC expressed his interest in buying 100% of Twitter.

Marco Arment on redesigning Overcast

Overcast's latest update brings the largest redesign in its nearly-eight-year history, plus many of the most frequently requested features and lots of under-the-hood improvements.

Drew Devault: "In praise of PostgreSQL"

Drew Devault: After 25 years of persistence, and a better logo design, Postgres stands today as one of the most significant pillars of profound achievement in free software, alongside the likes of Linux and Firefox.

Fish and Brewis

Fish and Brewis is a favourite traditional dish from Newfoundland (my home province), it’s a dish that combines Fish, Potatoes, pork, Hardtack, onions, butter and salt.

Careful with WiFi names on your iPhone.

A few weeks ago, Schou and his not-for-profit group, Secret Club, which reverse-engineers software for research purposes, found that if an iPhone connected to a network with the SSiD name…

Is Heroku Still Relevant?

Heroku has long been held up as the gold-standard platform as a service (PaaS) for software developers to easily deploy their code without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure, while others see it as akin to a magical fallen civilization with a limited future.

Switching from Google Analytics to Plausible.

I've been using Google Analytics for years but decided to try new tools. But I just wanted to move onto a new Analytics tool that was faster and more private. What I eventually ended up choosing was Plausible.  Plausible is a powerful yet simple analytics platform. The simplicity is what got me happy about it.

The Mess at Medium

Last week, a partnerships manager at Medium working with the White House found that there was a strange problem with the platform...

Google killing Tilt Brush VR painting app but…

Tilt Brush, Google’s virtual reality painting application, has collaborated with amazing creators over the years, many of whom were part of our Artist in Residence Program.

Why you can no longer install Fortnite on iOS

Fortnite disappeared from the App Store last month as part of developer Epic Games’ big legal and regulatory showdown with Apple, but the battle royale hit was not gone entirely — at least not for a little while.

The “Tragic” iPad

“Steve Jobs stepped onstage 10 years ago today to introduce the world to the iPad. It was, by his own admission, a third category of device that sits somewhere between a smartphone and a laptop. Jobs unveiled the iPad just days after the annual Consumer Electronics Show ended…”

Google’s End of an Era

“Larry Page and Sergey Brin are stepping down from running Alphabet, leaving the company to Sundar Pichai. This likely signals the end of an era, when Google tried to solve a vast array of human problems under Alphabet’s broad umbrella—but pretty much failed to turn any of them into a profitable business.”