Elon Musk’s new xAI company launches to ‘understand the true nature of the universe’

Roger Stringer Roger Stringer
July 12, 2023
1 min read

Jay Peters and Emma Roth, for The Verge:

xAI, Elon Musk’s newly formed AI company, has revealed itself with a new website detailing its mission and team at https://x.ai/. Musk tweeted the company’s intent is to “understand reality” without any other details or explanation.

“The goal of xAI is to understand the true nature of the universe,” according to the website. The team is headed up by Elon Musk and includes team members that have worked at other big names in AI, including OpenAI, Google Research, Microsoft Research, and DeepMind (which was recently folded into Google).

The timing of xAi is suspect, announcing it this week seems to be a futile attempt to distract attention from Threads.

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