Jason Lengstorf: "Why I'll choose Astro (almost) every time in 2024"

Roger Stringer Roger Stringer
December 20, 2023
2 min read

Astro has become my JavaScript framework of choice for web projects going into 2024. I always found myself struggling with feeling like I had a whole bunch of complexity I didn't need with frameworks like Next.js, but not enough power or flexibility with pure static site generators like Hugo. Astro's "just in time" approach to handling dynamic web apps — from a singly dynamic component to full-blown server-side rendering — has me convinced that it's the right default choice for most new web projects today.

Interesting watch from Jason Lengstorf and I have to agree with what he says, I've been using Astro daily at work for the past few months and it's pretty much always going to be my goto, usually in SSR rather than statically generated but the flexibility of Astro is that I can choose SSG or SSR depending on the project.

This site is currently running on Astro in SSR mode and hosted on Vercel, for example. With Directus acting as the content engine.

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