Welcome to the new more streamlined blog.

Roger Stringer

3 min read

This blog has been around since 2003, from being on blogger, to various custom builds, to wordpress, to jekyll, to ghost, to wordpress...

It collected a lot of posts, and as I moved it to a new headless setup of Strapi and Remix, I decided to remove any post older than 2018 (and some more recent but less relevent as well).

In the end, this blog went from having over 600 posts, to a little less than 100, which still required some editing to fit with the new setup.

The result is a new light weight, more streamlined blog that I am happy with.

I've been using Strapi as a headless CMS with Next.js as the static site on several projects for a while, so it made sense to finally get this site moved over as well.

There was no real reason for choosing Remix over Next.js, both are great frameworks, but I decided to go with Remix in this case to try something different and I like it. Kent C. Dodds has a great post on why he loves Remix, that is worth a read but this summarizes it nicely:

I love Remix because it enables me to build amazing user experiences and still be happy with the code I had to write to get there.

Currently it’s hosted on Vercel, but I am considering moving the hosting of the frontend to fly.io at some point, just not sure when exactly, and it does run beautifully on Vercel. But one of the things I like about Remix has been that it's easy to switch runtimes to host on various platforms like Vercel, Fly, Netlify, Deno, Cloudflare Workers or almost anywhere.

I'll post a more detailed post shortly about how I built this blog and the wordpress to Strapi migration for anyone interested.