The Browser Company Announces Act II for Arc: ‘The Browser That Browses For You’

Roger Stringer Roger Stringer
February 01, 2024
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The Browser Company Announces Act II for Arc: ‘The Browser That Browses For You’

The Browser Company just announced a selection of new features coming to their Arc browser for Mac as part of what they are calling Act II of their popular app. There are four features in total, centered around the theme of the browser that browses for you.

Some backstory: Arc started as a Mac browser built around the Chromium code base with features like tabs listed down the side, Split View, built-in ‘easels’ and notes, and the ability to adjust the visual look of webpages. Arc is now targeting what CEO Josh Miller has called ‘a post-Google Internet’ by implementing AI within the browsing experience, amongst other strategies.

The Browser Company has big ambitions for 2024, including an imminent launch on Windows, and Miller had this to say about Arc’s next step:

Here is our vision. It’s really simple. You tell Arc what to do, and Arc will go and do it for you.

It’s a very broad statement, but with the new features announced today, the context comes more into focus. Two of these new features are available today, with the other two coming soon. A short list of new features are:

  1. Instant Links - Available Today
  2. Arc Explore - Coming Soon
  3. Arc Search (with Browse for Me) - Available Today in the app store
  4. Live Folder Beta - Available Feb 15

You can watch the announcement below:

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