The Standsome Slim Standing Desk

Roger Stringer
September 27, 2022
2 min read
The Standsome Slim Standing Desk

Standing desks are great for long hours of coding, writing, working in general.

I've had a few types over the years, but the Standsome brand of standing desks are things of beauty.

I've been using the Standsome Slim poplar wide shelf for the past week and it is quickly becoming a favorite, being able to adjust the shelf and angles based on the table or desk or really, any surface, the desk is on is a nice ability to have so that it adapts with you.

I've used this in my home office, at my kitchen table, in my back yard, at the local coworking space and on a picnic table so far, it's quick to move around.

Standsome makes three styles from the slim I have to their double model to their full-height desk, each of which have options for customization such as shelf size, different types of wood (birch, poplar or maple) or in some cases single or double shelf.

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