Remix Joining Shopify

Roger Stringer Roger Stringer
October 30, 2022
2 min read

Michael Jackson, CEO and co-founder of Remix:

Today we are excited to share that Remix has joined forces with Shopify!

Shopify has been a long-time supporter of open source projects that push the web and commerce forward, and this pairing continues that tradition. It’s also great news for Remix, our community, our partners, and anyone who’s excited about building for the web.

Remix adoption is growing at an incredible rate, and we regularly have conversations with many smart, passionate folks in the industry who are creating amazing experiences with Remix. You’ll hear about them in the coming months. They love how Remix encourages progressive enhancement and leverages web standards to help them build fast, resilient websites.

Remix is also leading the way for the React community and setting a new standard for web frameworks. This past week React Router, the heart of Remix, was installed for the 1 billionth time. Additionally, last month we released React Router 6.4—our most advanced and polished release yet with an unparalleled story for both data loading and mutations. And we’re just getting started!

Under Shopify’s stewardship Remix receives long-term backing and support from an established leader in commerce. This move allows us to grow faster and sharpen our focus on performance and scalability. You’ll be seeing a lot more Remix in the wild, powering some of the largest commercial sites on the web. In addition, Shopify itself will use Remix across many projects, and you can expect to see more of Shopify’s developer platform include first-class support for Remix over time.

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