Picking a self-hosted Feed Reader

Roger Stringer
January 28, 2023
2 min read
Picking a self-hosted Feed Reader

I used to use Google Reader back in the day then from Google Reader I moved to Feedly like a lot of other people did, but I decided a few months back to look into a self-hosted solution and Miniflux won out.

It supports the Google Reader API which means it's easy to add to the Reeder IOS app as well, plus has other integrations.

Setting it up is easy with docker-compose as well, I run this on one of my docker servers with an nginx reverse proxy setup as described in this post:

// docker-compose.yaml:
1version: '3.4'
4  miniflux:
5    image: miniflux/miniflux:latest
6    depends_on:
7      - db
8    environment:
9      - DATABASE_URL=postgres://miniflux:changme@db/miniflux?sslmode=disable
10      - RUN_MIGRATIONS=1
11      - CREATE_ADMIN=1
12      - ADMIN_USERNAME=randomusername
13      - ADMIN_PASSWORD=changme
14      - BASE_URL=https://myreaderURL
15      - VIRTUAL_PORT=8080
16      - VIRTUAL_HOST=myreaderURL
17      - LETSENCRYPT_HOST=myreaderURL
18      - LETSENCRYPT_EMAIL=email@myreaderURL
20  db:
21    image: postgres:latest
22    environment:
23      - POSTGRES_USER=miniflux
24      - POSTGRES_PASSWORD=changme
25    volumes:
26      - ./volumes/db:/var/lib/postgresql/data
27    healthcheck:
28      test: ["CMD", "pg_isready", "-U", "miniflux"]
29      interval: 10s
30      start_period: 30s
33    default:
34        external:
35            name: nginx-proxy

This docker-compose file may be slightly opinionated towards my current setup but also easy to modify for your setup..

I've also integrated it with Pocket to save articles for reading later.

I like Miniflux for its Google Reader-like minialism, but also has features that are handy, for example I can add regex's to blacklist certain keywords like when a certain RSS feed includes several daily Wordle posts.

There is a paid hosting solution as well, for $15 dollars a year, and the docs include instructions for deploying on other hosting solutions if docker isn't your go to.

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