Linus Sebastian addresses error handling and ethics in a new video

Roger Stringer
August 26, 2023
2 min read
Linus Sebastian addresses error handling and ethics in a new video

Over a week after Linus Media Group paused video production after allegations of theft, ethical missteps, and sexual harassment, Lfounder Linus Sebastian explained LMG’s HR policies and how it will improve accuracy and ethics in a video posted to YouTube last night:

Following a 10-day pause to evaluate its processes, Sebastian said the company held meetings with team members to dig through every misstep and identify communication and ... teamwork challenges that resulted in accusations of LMG’s quality issues.

He added that the company will no longer insist on uploading videos daily and will slow down to verify its content is accurate.

Sebastian said Linus Tech Tips (LTT) now has a clear rubric, which he posted on the LTT forums, that defines error severity and prescribes the appropriate fix, which could range from pinned comments to full reshoots or even total cancellation of a project if necessary.

According to Sebastian, to verify the accuracy of the company's videos, they will be using a newly formed error-checking community group, currently consisting of fewer than 10 extremely knowledgeable Linus Tech Tips community members.

Other changes are intended to improve business transparency, including publicly publishing the media group’s sponsorship guidelines and improving item tracking for products the group has been sent for testing. He says the company now has a system for tracking the status of products provided to LMG to avoid future confusion regarding items that start out as we don’t need it back and then turn into a loan later on.

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