Is Jamstack Officially Finished?

Roger Stringer Roger Stringer
August 01, 2023
3 min read

Brian Rinaldi:

Earlier this week, Netlify officially killed The Jamstack Community Discord. It was a rather abrupt end, with little more than a week’s notice. Here’s a portion of the announcement:

Over time, we have noticed a decline in activity and engagement within the server. After careful consideration, we have come to the decision to sunset the Jamstack Discord. First and foremost, this does not mean the end of the Jamstack community. In fact, it is quite the opposite. We believe it’s important to focus our energy and resources on areas where our community remains vibrant and active, like in the various projects and other communities out there doing wonderful things on the web. Sunsetting the Jamstack Discord server will allow us to concentrate our efforts on those spaces, fostering stronger connections and having more meaningful conversations.

The post ended with a list of other communities folks could join, but, with only one exception, they were all tool specific Discord servers for Astro, Eleventy, Next, SolidJS and Svelte. (The exception was The New Dynamic slack community which, I seem to recall, has existed since before the term Jamstack and is still active.)

More importantly, Netlify, the creator and stewards of the term Jamstack including it’s canonical site, has largely abandoned the term as well, in favor of a “composable web” term that better aligns with their ambitions around becoming a broader enterprise platform including content (with tools like Netlify Connect).

So, despite the post ending the Discord notes that the Jamstack community is not dead, is it actually?

[...] Honestly, this is all ultimately has little impact on how developers do their jobs, whether they considered themselves Jamstack developers or not. But when it comes to those connections, it probably means a deepening siloing of developers around their specific tools. It likely also means that things like the books, events and other resources that tried to target the broader community across these tools are unlikely to continue as developers no longer use or identify with the term Jamstack. terminology is created or even needed.

The point is, the term seems to be dead but the tools and technologies it encompassed are still very much alive.

Goodbye, Jamstack. It was a fun.

Frameworks like Remix, and Next.js with RSC has meant actual statically generated content has been less and less, and most of the benefits of SSG has fallen to the wayside these days.

This site itself is on Remix, with content generated from a Directus instance and is as fast as my static sites.

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