Google killing Tilt Brush VR painting app but…

Roger Stringer Roger Stringer
January 26, 2021
1 min read

Tilt Brush, Google’s virtual reality painting application, has collaborated with amazing creators over the years, many of whom were part of our Artist in Residence Program. We have tremendous pride for all those collaborations, and the best part has been watching our community learn from each other and develop their abilities over the years.

As we continue to build helpful and immersive AR experiences, we want to continue supporting the artists using Tilt Brush by putting it in your hands. This means open sourcing Tilt Brush, allowing everyone to learn how we built the project, and encouraging them to take it in directions that are near and dear to them.

I’ve enjoyed using Tilt Brush on the Oculus Quest so will be interesting to see how this continues as an open source project.

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