Etsy is delaying seller payouts following Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse

Roger Stringer Roger Stringer
March 12, 2023
2 min read

Etsy says some sellers won’t receive their payments on time due to the sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. In an email sent out to impacted shop owners, the company says it used the shuttered institution to send out deposits to “some sellers” and that they may not get their scheduled payments as a result, leaving shop owners worried about the future of their stores.

Etsy started notifying sellers about the potential delays on Friday, the same day the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and California regulators shut down Silicon Valley Bank. The bank served as a staple in the venture capital and startup industries, with companies like Etsy, Roku, and Roblox having funds tied up in the institution. The FDIC auction for the Silicon Valley Bank’s assets is expected to take place on Sunday afternoon, and if no buyer emerges, the FDIC will be forced to sell its assets in an attempt to reimburse depositors.

While Etsy hasn’t yet provided a timeline for when sellers can expect to receive their payments, company spokesperson Veronica Heino says Etsy is working to fulfill deposits using its other payment partners.

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