BOBOVR M2 Plus Head Strap For Meta Quest 2

Roger Stringer Roger Stringer
February 14, 2023
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BOBOVR M2 Plus Head Strap For Meta Quest 2

You want to be comfortable if you wear a VR headset for long, and also having a backup battery or two doesn't hurt. This strap provides both of those features.

I've tried a few other straps for my Meta Quest 2 from the included one, to the elite strap, to the elite strap with a battery built in to the halo strap and a couple other third party ones.

When I received the BOBOVR M2 Plus strap, I figured I'd try it and send it back, the magnetic battery packs did look interesting though, especially since it's quick to switch them or you can choose not to even use them at all.

The head strap works so that the quest isn't putting any pressure on your face which means it's more comfortable and also can be worn longer.

Details / Specs from the company:

  • Recirculating Power Supply System:Charging dock and 2 B2 battery packs enable continuous cycle charging and power supply. No need to remove the helmet to charge during the game,The magnetic connection design minimizes the difficulty of charging operation, and can be charged with one-handed operation.
  • Magnetic HOT-SWAP:Using the magnetic battery design launched by BOBOVR, 5200mAh industrial-rank high energy density battery with enhanced working efficiency, each battery can provide 2-4 hours (APP depends) of VR time, and it only takes 3 hours to fully charge
  • Reduce the pressure on the face:Adopt the distributed design of gravity balance, so that the gravity of the product is evenly distributed in different positions of the head to reduce the pressure on the face, compared with the traditional power bank, reduce the burden on the face, the head is significantly smaller, the B2 battery pack only weighs 140g, effective The sweet spot for fore and aft balance is reached.
  • Comfort and multi-point adjustment:The newly designed flexible headrest covers the PU leather pad, which better adapts to different head sizes, reduces sliding, and comes with a replaceable honeycomb pad, which can firmly hold the back of the head

If you plan to use your Quest 2 for long, either for work or play then I recommend ordering one of these.

One note is that the Meta brand case they make for the Quest 2 won't fit anymore but there are alternatives, such as the case BOBOVR makes for the Quest 2 with the head strap attached.

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