WordPress 5.0 Target Date for December 6

If you use WordPress at all then you know about the upcoming WordPress 5.0 and it’s Gutenberg editor, everyone has been scrambling to get their plugins updated for it.

It was originally planned to release in November, but several WordPress business founders launched pleas to delay, and now it looks like we’re getting it in two days

This release is both exciting and nerve wracking as they bring in a new editing interface that throws what’s existing out the door, and can break a lot of what exists. 

One of the major pushes is Wordcamp US on December 7, but with 5.0 releasing on the 6, many developers will be making sure everything works rather than enjoying it.

Yes, there is still the classic editor for those who prefer the old interface, but… that won’t be installed by default. So people will need to install that plugin if they want the old editing interface.

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