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I'm Roger Stringer, a DevOps engineer, full-stack developer, author, foodie, speaker, dad. Founder of Flybase.

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Casey Liss's Primer on RxSwift

Casey has written a pretty interesting 5 part series to serve as a primer on RxSwift. In the five parts he's covered: What RxSwift is all about How to convert a simple sample app to use RxSwift Eliminated stored state Learned how to use a RxCocoa unit Learned how to Read more »

How One Developer Broke Node, Babel, and Thousands of Projects

Chris Williams: A couple of hours ago, Azer Koçulu unpublished more than 250 of his modules from NPM, which is a popular package manager used by JavaScript projects to install dependencies. Koçulu yanked his source code because, we’re told, one of the modules was called Kik and that apparently Read more »

Adding Push Notifications to your Parse Server App

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I was originally going to write about how to use node.js to enable push notifications, but the latest version of Parse Server now includes basic push notification support using Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) for Android devices and Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) for iOS devices. Instead, I decided to Read more »

Getting Started with Parse Server, Heroku and MongoLabs

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Last week, Parse announced they would be shutting down their hosting by January 28th 2017, and like just about every other developer out there, I immediately started playing around with their open sourced Parse Server, and setting it up on Heroku. For the record, I actually host most of my Read more »

Post to your GitHub-hosted blog using a simple bookmarklet

Jekyll is a blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby, probably the most popular of its kind. One of the reasons it's so popular is that it's "extremely" easy to host a jekyll blog on GitHub. Most users think of GitHub as an advanced file system, and that updating a GitHub Read more »

How to Use Ghost as middleware in an express app

Ghost is a handy blog engine, I use Camel on this site and the Flybase Blog, but I use Ghost on a few other projects. One feature that is handy is being able to install Ghost via npm and then use it through middleware in Express, this lets you run Read more »

How to show related posts in Camel.js

I'm a big fan of blogging with Casey's Camel blog system, to the point that I use a mostly modified version so I can get features such as post tagging. I wanted to add related posts, so I decided to take a javascript route and build jquery.camelrelated, this works Read more »