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A few changes to this site

I’ve made a few changes to how this site works, the backend is still in WordPress, but the frontend is now Gatsby and I’m using GraphQL to talk between

Google Pixel 3A

Dieter Bohn, writing for The Verge: I am going to break an unwritten rule of tech reviews and tell you the ending right at the top: if you want to buy a new

The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian

Actor / director Jon Favreau took to Instagram last night to tease the Star Wars TV show that he’s running. On Instagram last night, Favreau posted: View this post on Instagram #starwars #TheMandalorian

The war for CopperheadOS

For anyone who doesn’t know, CopperheadOS is a source-available operating system for smartphones and tablet computers, based on the Android mobile platform. It is based on the official releases of the