The AnandTech iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Review: Iterating on a Flagship


Overall, I think that if there’s any phone that is worth 650-750 USD at its base, it’s the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. If you’re upgrading from the iPhone 6s Plus you probably won’t find a ton of differences, but it’s still a significant step up in display, camera, speaker quality, battery life, and system performance.

The iPhone might not excite like smartphones once did, but the amount of attention to detail and execution in the hardware is unparalleled and a cut above anything else in the industry.


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Yahoo makes it difficult to leave its service by disabling automatic email forwarding

Following Yahoo’s September announcement of a data breach affecting 500 million user accounts, the company has made it more difficult for Yahoo Mail users to transition to another email service. At the beginning of October, Yahoo disabled an email forwarding feature, which would allow users to automatically redirect incoming emails sent to their Yahoo address to another account.


This message reads as follows:

This feature is under development. While we work to improve it, we’ve temporarily disabled the ability to turn on Mail Forwarding for new forwarding addresses. If you’ve already enabled Mail Forwarding in the past, your email will continue to forward to the address you previously configured.

In other words, Yahoo Mail users who had already set up forwarding won’t be affected, but anyone trying to forward their mail now won’t have the option.

Why are people still on Yahoo mail?


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How To Get An Alert When An App Accesses The Webcam Or Mic In macOS

Addictive Tips:

Malicious websites and apps can gain access to your webcam and microphone. A lot of people might consider this to be an urban legend but there is truth to it. Unfortunately, a website or an app that does this isn’t going to be easy to detect by the average user. Tech savvy users might be able to tell if their webcam or mic is being accessed but for the ordinary user, and Mark Zuckerberg, you likely have to tape a bit of paper over your webcam to be safe.

Oversight is a free macOS app that makes this much easier. It monitors all connected webcams and microphones and alerts you when they are accessed. It’s a very simple app that monitors current processes and can identify which app started a process to access these two devices.

You can get the Oversight app here.


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Microsoft Confirms Its October Windows 10 Event

Paul Thurrott:

As expected, Microsoft will hold a major press conference on October 26, 2016 in New York City. And while details are vague at this point, it’s fair to say that the rumors we’ve heard so far are almost certainly correct.

I’ve received an email invitation to the event, but its a bit vague. So here’s what I’ve heard from my sources.

New Surface tablets are expected as usual.


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The Microsoft Band is dead

Chris Welch, writing for The Verge:

In a statement earlier this month, Microsoft insisted that it remains “deeply committed to supporting our customers and exploring the wearables space.” (HoloLens is technically a wearable, after all.) At the time, Microsoft also noted that the Band 2 was still actively being sold — but that’s no longer the case as of today. The Band’s software development kit, which allowed apps to be created for the device, has also been removed. Also in September, the company renamed its smartphone health app to Microsoft Band; that software remains available for existing users.

The Band is a wearable I’ve seen for sale at Best Buy alongside the Pebbles, Gears, Jawbone UP bands, Fitbits, misfits and various other wearable arm bands, but you never stopped to look at one. In fact, the local Best Buy never even had anyone asked to try on the band they provided to make sure you were getting the right size Band the whole time they had it, and Microsoft never did much to promote it.

The Band was a hobby product inside Microsoft and that was it. Not that different than Google Glass, but I’m sure if the interest had been there they would have kept it alive a little longer.


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MacOS Sierra: Using “About This Mac” to clean up your hard drive

Matt Gemmell tweeted:

Do like the new macOS Sierra thing where you can find which apps/docs/etc you’ve not used in a while.

Embedded in the tweet was an image, showing his Mac after he launched About This Mac and tapped the Storage tab. Like so:

  • Choose “About This Mac” from your Mac’s Apple menu.
  • Tap the Storage tab
  • Tap the Manage… button

Lots of things you can do here. For starters, you can tap Applications (in the sidebar), then tap the Last Accessed header to list Applications in reverse order, which will show you the apps you haven’t accessed in a long time. The longest neglected app I found on my Mac was iPod Software 2.1, which I haven’t touched since 2003.

I routinely run CleanMyMac on my macbook and this still found a few gigs that CleanMyMac missed (such as old GarageBand instruments and I removed GarageBand a long time ago).


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Complaints Arise Over Replacement Batteries for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Customer complaints that replacement batteries for Samsung Electronics Co.’s Galaxy Note 7 have been overheating and quickly losing battery power threaten to complicate the South Korean technology giant’s unprecedented recall of its premium smartphone.

In South Korea, where Samsung began handing out replacement smartphones to consumers this past Monday, the company acknowledged on Friday that some consumers had been complaining about the replacement smartphones, which contain nonremovable replacement batteries.

In a statement released on Sunday, Samsung said it would delay resuming sales of the Galaxy Note 7 by three days to Oct. 1 in order to “swiftly” complete its recall, citing that some 200,000 consumers in South Korea haven’t yet turned in their old phones.


This is just turning into one giant facepalm for Samsung. They rush to get new replacement phones out, and the end result is that they give people crap batteries, which may be better than exploding batteries but marginally.


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YouTube-MP3 Ripping Site Sued By IFPI, RIAA and BPI

Two weeks ago, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry published research which claimed that half of 16 to 24-year-olds use stream-ripping tools to copy music from sites like YouTube.

The industry group said that the problem of stream-ripping has become so serious that in volume terms it had overtaken downloading from ‘pirate’ sites. Given today’s breaking news, the timing of the report was no coincidence.

Earlier today in a California District Court, a huge coalition of recording labels sued the world’s largest YouTube ripping site. UMG Recordings, Capitol Records, Warner Bros, Sony Music, Arista Records, Atlantic Records and several others claim that YouTube-MP3 (YTMP3), owner Philip Matesanz, and Does 1-10 have infringed their rights.

“YTMP3 rapidly and seamlessly removes the audio tracks contained in videos streamed from YouTube that YTMP3’s users access, converts those audio tracks to an MP3 format, copies and stores them on YTMP3’s servers, and then distributes copies of the MP3 audio files from its servers to its users in the United States, enabling its users to download those MP3 files to their computers, tablets, or smartphones,” the complaint reads.

The labels allege that YouTube-MP3 is one of the most popular sites in the entire world and as a result its owner, German-based company PMD Technologies UG, is profiting handsomely from their intellectual property.

I’m actually surprised this service was able to hang on this long before someone sued them.


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Rogers thanks shomi customers as streaming service shuts doors on November 30th

Rogers thanks shomi customers as streaming service shuts doors on November 30th

Rogers today thanked its customers who subscribed to shomi for trying out a Canadian innovation.

“We tried something new, and customers who used shomi loved it. It’s like a great cult favourite with a fantastic core audience that unfortunately just isn’t big enough to be renewed for another season,” said Melani Griffith, Senior Vice President, Content, Rogers. “We will be reaching out to eligible customers in the coming days as we have a wide range of premium experiences available for people to enjoy.”

shomi, a joint venture of Rogers and Shaw Communications announced today an orderly wind down with service ending November 30, 2016. As a result, Rogers expects to incur a loss on investment of approximately $100-140 million in its third quarter ending September 30, 2016 relating to the carrying value of its investment and a provision related to future liabilities in shomi.

I’ve actually been a shomi subscriber for over a year. Admittedly I was a subscriber mostly because it was included as a free two-year add on with my Rogers cell phone, but I enjoyed the service.

Shomi is actually a little closer to Hulu than Netflix, as it focuses more on TV shows than movies. It even had contracts to provide new episodes just after they aired on TV for shows like Empire, Fresh off the boat, Modern Family, etc.

Personally, I think one of the bigger issues was the slow rollout of Shomi. For the first year after launch, it was only available to people who were already cable customers of Rogers and Shaw, and then opened its doors to other users. But by then, it was already too late.


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The Archives

Once a year, I move older posts that are no longer as relevant to the Archive.

These posts are generally, posts that are two years or older, and help the site keep fresh.

This blog has been around since 2003 in various forms, so it’s managed to gather a lot of content over the years. Early on, I would actually delete some older posts but a year ago I decided to create the Archive and since then, that’s where I’ve moved content that was two years old or older.

Today’s archiving actually saw nearly 400 older posts get moved over, making the Archive now at over 2400 posts (what can I say, I like to talk and write).

I definitely recommend considering having an archive to store old posts at rather than deleting them, as it helps you keep old files around, and can be handy to go back to.

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