HQ Calls Game Over -

Apple Bringing Universal Apps, Enabling a Single Purchase for Mac, iPhone, and iPad Apps -

Nintendo Switch overtakes SNES with more than 52 million sold -

The “Tragic” iPad -

Google’s End of an Era -

To cut down on bugs, Apple is changing how it develops its software -

Microsoft delays its new Surface Earbuds launch to spring 2020 -

Tim Cook on China -

Apple Card’s Algorithm Problem -

Disney+ surpasses 10 million sign-ups since launch -

John Gruber: 16-inch MacBook Pro First Impressions -

Apple TV, Apple TV, Apple TV, and Apple TV+ -

Electron Apps Are Being Rejected from the Mac App Store for Calling Private Apis -

Facebook says 100 developers might have improperly accessed Groups member data -

Jason Snell on Apple TV+ -

Google buys Fitbit for $2.1 billion -

John Gruber on the AirPods Pro -

Foxconn finally admits its empty Wisconsin ‘innovation centers’ aren’t being developed -

A month on, Apple Arcade is too cheap to quit -

Is Phone-based VR officially over? -

Apple Revokes Panic’s Developer License -

Blizzard Sets Off Backlash for Penalizing Hearthstone Gamer in Hong Kong -

Taiwan flag emoji disappears from latest Apple iPhone keyboard -

How the heart became the centre of the Apple Watch -

Apple Arcade is a home for premium games that lost their place on mobile -

The biggest announcements from Amazon’s fall 2019 hardware event -

Apple scraps Richard Gere drama ‘Bastards’ -

The Ad Basecamp didn’t want to run -

Hello, Computer: Inside Apple’s Voice Control -

iPad Pro USB-C Hubs: The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Options -

Apple updates MacBook Air and MacBook Pro for back-to-school season, kills off MacBook -

John Gruber On the Post-Ive Future of Design at Apple -

After nearly 30 years, Jony Ive leaving Apple to start new design firm -

Federico Viticci: ‘initial Thoughts on iPadOS’ -

Panic’s Playdate -

The case against Huawei, explained -

iFixit pulls Galaxy Fold teardown -

Samsung delays Galaxy Fold launch after early display issues -

Foxconn is confusing Wisconsin -

Apple officially kills AirPower -

John Gruber’s Very Brief Thoughts and Observations on Apple’s Show Time Event -

Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service -

Apple Announces New iPad Air and iPad Mini -

Trump accidentally called Tim Cook Tim Apple because why not? -

Nintendo’s next Labo kit for the switch will be a VR kit -

RIP Playstation Vita (to no one’s surpise) -

Amazon pulls the plug on dash buttons -

Samsung’s foldable phone is the Galaxy Fold, available April 26th starting at $1,980 -

Inside Wisconsin’s Disastrous $4.5 Billion Deal With Foxconn -

Apple blocks Google from running its internal iOS apps -

Cheddar: Apple Planning Gaming Subscription Service -

Morgan Stanley: Buy Apple now before earnings next week because the bad news is already in the stock -

NHL develops app to give coaches live stats during games -

Apple’s Precarious and Pivotal 2019 -

CNBC talks with Tim Cook -

Don’t Fuck with a Nasa Engineer -

Samsung partners with copycat Supreme brand in China -

Google Allo to shut down in March, putting focus on Messages and Duo -

Microsoft Is Worth as Much as Apple. How Did That Happen? -

Jason Snell on the New Ipad Pros: ‘a Computer, Not a Pc’ -

Marco Arment on the 2018 Mac Mini -

Remembering Stan Lee -

The iFixIt MacBook Air 13″ Retina 2018 Teardown -

The 2018 Ipad Pros -

Austin Mann: A Photographer’s Review of the iPad Pro -

Samsung shares a glimpse of its folding ‘Infinity Flex Display’ smartphone -

Marvel’s Unreleased 1994 Fantastic Four Movie Is Now on Youtube -

iPad Pro Review Roundup: Impressive Hardware Held Back by iOS Limitations -

Apple is Throttling iPhones Again -

The Biggening -

Today’s Apple Special Event -

Fifty Years of BASIC, the Programming Language That Made Computers Personal -

IBM’s Acquisition of Canadian-founded Red Hat One of the Largest Ever -

Google’s Night Sight for Pixel phones will amaze you -

iPhone XR: Hands-on and first impressions -

iOS 12.1 will improve selfie quality on the iPhone XS and XR -

A few thoughts on the iPhone XS Max -

Apple CEO Tim Cook Is Calling For Bloomberg To Retract Its Chinese Spy Chip Story -

Matt Honan: “The Google Pixel 3 Is A Very Good Phone. But Maybe Phones Have Gone Too Far.” -

Twilio to acquire Sendgrid -

Google Pixel’s product directors on single cameras and notches -

Why are Apple Watch faces such a mess? -

How Facebook could screw up Instagram now that its founders are leaving -

Oculus Quest is a new, $399 standalone VR headset shipping next year -

Instagram’s Co-Founders to Step Down From Company -

The future of the iPhone SE in an iPhone XS world -

The making of the Apple Watch Series 4 fire, water, and vapor faces -

Microsoft Abandons Plan to Troll Windows 10 Users With Browser Warnings -

AirPods product page suggests AirPower may not make 2018 deadline -

Adware Doctor and the Mac App Store -

Apple’s Biggest iPhone Launch Ever: What to Expect -

Google’s Pixel 3 event will take place on October 9th -

It’s Time to Break up Facebook -

Evernote lost its CTO, CFO, CPO and HR head in the last month -

Oculus Inventor: Magic Leap is a Tragic Heap -

Facebook Bans App That Inspired Cambridge Analytica and Suspends 400 Others -

Google Data Collection research -

Apple is planning a new low-cost macbook and a pro-focused mac mini -

PepsiCo to buy Sodastream for $3.2 billion -

Apple Is Quietly Encouraging Paid App Developers to Move to Subscriptions -

Why Apple’s Group FaceTime delay is the right move. -

Inside the iPhone Repair Ecosystem: Where Do Replacement Parts Come From and Can You Trust Them? -

Apple, YouTube and Facebook Have All Kicked InfoWars Off Their Platforms -

Everything bad about Facebook is bad for the same reason -

iFixit Tears down the new Macbook Pro keyboard -

Adobe Working on a Full Version of Photoshop for the iPad -

Ex-Apple worker charged with stealing self-driving car trade secrets -

Linux apps on Chrome OS coming to 18 more Chromebooks -

Apple Engineers Its Own Downfall With the Macbook Pro Keyboard -

Jason Snell on Macos Mojave -

Free Trials from Apple’s Perspective -

How Apple can fix 3D Touch -

On The Sad State of Macintosh Hardware -

Apple finally has the right attitude about notifications in iOS 12 -

How Siri Shortcuts Can Revolutionize Ios Automation -

App store “free trials” -

100 features coming in iOS 12 -

iOS 12 will bring live listen to AirPods -

Craig Federighi Shares More Details on Porting iOS Apps to the Mac -

Tim Cook to Facebook: “We’ve never been in the data business” -

iOS 12 brings iPhone X gestures to iPad, swipe from top-right to open Control Center -

Facebook gave device makers deep access to data on users and friends -

Microsoft confirms it’s acquiring GitHub for $7.5 billion -

Valve removes ‘Active Shooter’ from Steam amid outcry -

How Apple Dethroned Intel As the World’s Most Innovative Chipmaker -

Phone or Computer? -

An Amazon Echo sent someone’s private conversation to one of their contacts -

Federico Viticci’s second life -

Why Android P gestures are a risk worth taking -

The Developers Union -

Samsung Compares Galaxy S9 to Very Slow iPhone 6 -

Apple shipped an estimated 600,000 HomePods in the first quarter of the year -

Microsoft plans low-cost tablet line to rival iPad -

Margot Kidder, famous for portraying Lois Lane, dead at age 69 -

Google’s Chrome OS will be getting support for traditional Linux apps -

Microsoft Kinect Refuses to Die -

Watch Google Assistant make a phone call to schedule an appointment -

The 10 biggest announcements from Google I/O 2018 -

Hosting Live Webinars with JavaScript, Node.js, AdonisJs and Twilio Programmable Video -

iOS Design Inconsistencies Across Apple’s Apps -

OLPC’s $100 laptop was going to change the world — then it all went wrong -

The iMac turns 20 -

In a move that comes as no surprise… Apple shutting down Texture’s Windows magazine app after acquisition -

Pocket Casts Acquired By a Consortium of Public Radio Stations and podcast companies -

How Critics Got the iPhone X ‘Panic’ Story So Very Wrong -

Facebook employee fired over bragging about access to user information -

I’m sorry I criticized you, Apple. You win. -

Google is secretly building an HQ competitor startup called Arcade -

WhatsApp Co-Founder Jan Koum Quits After Internal Battle With Facebook Over User Privacy -

The best replacements for Apple’s defunct AirPort accessories -

Apple Kills AirPort Routers -

Sprint and T-Mobile to combine -

Samsung Sees Slow Demand for OLEDs Used for Apple’s iPhone X -

David Smith’s Pedometer++ hits 5,000,000 downloads -

Loot crates are now illegal in Belgium -

Casey Johnston: ‘Don’t buy the MacBook Pros, even on sale’ -

Nintendo’s Switch can be jailbroken to run custom apps and games -

Apple’s purchase of Shazam under investigation by the EU -

Apple Open Sources FoundationDB -

Tim Cook: “Users don’t want iOS to merge with MacOS” -

Jeff Bezos reveals Amazon has 100 million Prime members -

Serenity Caldwell’s 9.7-inch iPad Review -

Study finds over 3,300 Android apps improperly tracking kids -

Apple Sued an Independent iPhone Repair Shop Owner and Lost -

Reasons for HomePod optimism despite reports of disappointing sales -

HomePod Sales lower than Apple expected -

macOS 10.13.4 to Warn About 32-bit Apps Starting April 12 -

11 Tips for Working on the iPad -

Credit card signatures are about to become extinct in the U.S. -

Apple’s 2019 Mac Pro will be shaped by workflows -

Apple Hires John Giannandrea, Google’s Chief of Search and Artificial Intelligence -

Chrome Web Store no longer allows crypto-mining extensions -

Tim Cook: “Facebook should have regulated itself, but it’s too late for that now” -

Jim Dalrymple: “I’m annoyed at the reaction to Apple’s Education Event” -

Canadians to get emergency alerts on their phones -

Apple’s Getting Back Into the E-Books Fight Against Amazon -

Whatsapp Co-founder Brian Acton on Twitter: ‘it Is Time. #deletefacebook’ -

Facebook has lost the plot (if it ever had it to begin with) -

Facebook Exit Hints at Dissent on Handling of Russian Trolls -

An Audiophile’s Review of the Apple AirPods -

Good bye Android Wear, Hello Wear OS By Google -

What HomePod Should Become -

Stephen Hawking was a brilliant physicist and a pop culture icon -

Apple Music hits 38 million paid subscribers -

Fired OpenTable Employee Booked Hundreds of Fake Reservations Through Rival Service -

‘Mind-reading’ A.I. produces a description of what you’re thinking about -

Amazon will stop selling Nest smart home devices -

A HomePod Intervention -

ElevationLab: Amazon is complicit with counterfeiting -

How Rotten Tomatoes may have radically skewed the Oscars’ Best Picture race -

AirPods: How to improve Apple’s wireless earbuds -

Things Apple changed, were mocked for, then were copied industry wide -

Dropbox Announces Forthcoming Integration with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides -

Vero is just bad -

Apple security changes will end iTunes Store access for 1st gen Apple TV, Windows XP/Vista -

BlackBerry will remove paid apps from the BlackBerry World app store on April 1st -

Amazon to acquire Ring video doorbell maker open the door in home security market -

15 awesome tips and tricks to master Apple’s HomePod -

WatchKit Is a “Sweet Solution” -

You’re Probably Underestimating What You Can Do With Your iPhone Home Screen -

Jeffrey Zeldman: “we need design that is faster and design that is slower” -

The #1 reason Facebook won’t ever change -

Why Can Everyone Spot Fake News But The Tech Companies? -

Apple Plans Upgrades to AirPods -

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps vs. Waze -

A guide to head elements -

Bitcoin thieves threaten voilence -

The pros and cons of moving from a MacBook Pro to an iPad -

Facebook admits SMS notifications sent using two-factor number was caused by bug -

Facebook Turned Its Two-Factor Security ‘Feature’ Into the Worst Kind of Spam -

Indian character crashes iOS 11.2.5, may require full device restore -

All New Apps Must Be Built With iOS 11 SDK Starting in April -

Kottke on the state of blogging -

The Wirecutter’s Apple HomePod review: “It only sounds great” -

Stimulus -

How “Hey Siri” works with multiple devices -

Apple Opens Repair Program for iPhone 7 -

Surface Pro 4 owners are putting their tablets in freezers to fix screen flickering issues -

HomePod’s biggest problem isn’t Siri, it’s that it’s too much like the original iPod -

Apple Shares First HomePod Ads -

Stripe is giving up on bitcoin as a payment method -

Transmit Replacements and FTP Clients -

Using an iPad for photography workflows -

Apple Receives FCC Approval for HomePod -

Apple’s iOS Security Guide -

Hawaii missile alert: How one employee ‘pushed the wrong button’ and caused a wave of panic -

Matias is building the wired Mac keyboards that Apple won’t -

Panic to Suspend Sales of Transmit for iOS -

Apple is being slandered for what chemistry cannot fix -

Apple Responds to Controversy on iPhone Batteries and Performance -

Apple is Currently Sold Out of AirPods Until January -

Amazon Prime Video finally arrives on Apple TV -

Two Major Cydia Repositories Shut Down as Jailbreaking Fades -

Apple explains on-device face detection -

EA response to ‘Battlefront II’ complaint is the most downvoted comment in Reddit history -

Hackers claim to beat Face ID with a mask -

Logitech will brick its Harmony Link hub for all owners in March -

Code mistake freezes up to $280 million in digital currency -

Introductory pricing coming to app subscriptions -

How Apple built the iPhone X -

Rene Ritchie iPhone X review: “The best damn product Apple has ever made” -

Matthew Pazarino on Face ID vs Touch ID -

Jeff Williams on Apple’s Planning -

The iPad Pro as main computer for programming -

Apple Pay nabs 90% of all mobile contactless transactions where active -

Tragically Hip’s Gord Downie dead at 53 -

The impossible dream of USB-C -

Google invests in startup that’s turning dead PCs into Chromebooks -

iOS Control Center: Understanding how the WiFi and Bluetooth toggles work -

Apple execs respond to Siri and privacy -

Equifax Breach Response Turns Dumpster Fire -

New York Times review of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8: “Poor Biometrics and a Subpar Assistant” -

How Apple Finally Made Siri Sound More Human -

Apple Axes Annual Apple Music Festival in London after 10 Years -

Siri Leadership Has Officially Moved From Eddy Cue to Craig Federighi -

David Sparks on the potential of Apple’s ARKit -

Apple announces iPhone event on Sept. 12 in Steve Jobs Theater -

Why the Mac needs iCloud Backup -

Google pulls 300 Android apps used for Wirex DDoS attacks -

Jason Snell on What the future holds for iOS and macOS -

Apple’s next US data center will be built in Iowa -

One handed multitasking on iPad -

How to securely dispose of your old mac -

Google shows how easy it is for software to remove watermarks from photos -

Cloudflare gives neo-nazi site the boot -

Nintendo is being sued over the design of the Switch’s detachable controllers -

John Gruber on Safari and favicons -

Overcast dropping “send to watch” -

Consumer Reports: “Microsoft Surface Laptops and Tablets Not Recommended” -

JavaScript for People Who Hate JavaScript -

David Letterman makes his return to television on Netflix -

What’s Wrong with Touch Bar? -

The iPad Pro: 10.5 vs. 12.9 -

500 Startups shuts down its Canada fund -

Apple removes VPN Apps from China App Store -

HBO got hacked -

Apple Park’s Open Work Spaces -

An eight-year-old reviews the Nintendo Switch -

Adobe announces Flash is dead (but not until 2020) -

iOS 11’s new File app -

Chester Bennington, Linkin Park Singer, Is Dead at 41 -

How Samsung Describes Its Male and Female Bixby Assistants -

You Should Not Force Quit Apps on iOS -

Google Glass Resurrected -

Apple’s risky balancing act with the next iPhone -

New Customer Support role in iTunes Connect. -

Google rolls out new protections against phishing plugins -

How to tell which of your Mac apps is 32-bit vs 64-bit -

The Problem with Abandoned Apps -

A Simple Reminder Workflow -

Google is using the impending death of its blob emoji to promote Allo -

Apple previews new emoji coming later this year -

Android killed Windows Phone, not iPhone -

How Cloudflare’s fight with a ‘patent troll’ could alter the game -

How Apple is Shaping Its Activity-Tracking Algorithms with secretive gyms. -

Cracking the code behind Apple’s App Store promo cards -

Facebook slashes price of Oculus Rift for second time -

The Internet Is Fucked (Again) -

SoundCloud sinks as leaks say layoffs buy little time -

Apple’s new PayPal support makes it easier to trick iTunes -

Jason Snell on if the iPad Pro is ready to be your work machine -

Nintendo’s first Switch streaming app launches Thursday in Japan (But don’t get too excited) -

The iPhone killed my inner nerd -

Rene Ritchie on Why Apple might switch to Face ID instead of Touch ID for iPhone 8 -

Who Would Apple’s Tim Cook Pick to Succeed Him? -

SoundCloud, the ‘YouTube for audio’, cuts 173 jobs, closes San Francisco, London offices -

Jawbone Going Out of Business as CEO Moves on to New ‘Jawbone Health Hub’ Startup -

John Gruber: “Speculation on the Pricing of and Strategy Behind This Year’s New iPhones” -

One Year of Pokémon GO -

Apple News May Let Publishers Sell Ads Their Own Way -

Steve Jobs and the missing “Intel Inside” sticker -

Amazon is now developing its own wines -

Glif review: Tripod adapter should be part of every smartphone photographer’s kit -

500 Startups’ Dave McClure has resigned as general partner -

The Tragedy of FireWire -

Is Amazon Getting Too Big? -

How the iPhone Was Born: Inside Stories of Missteps and Triumphs -

After 10 years, where does the iPhone go next? -

iPad Pro plus Mac is a whole greater than the sum of its parts -

Laptop Replacement -

Samsung will reportedly release Note 7 ‘fandom’ edition soon -

Apple Opens iOS 11 Public Beta -

Uber Can’t Be Fixed -

Uber co-founder: We’ve been too obsessed with growth -

Amazon to buy Whole Foods Market in deal valued at $13.7 billion -

The Apple Pencil from a non-artist’s perspective -

Tim Cook Says Apple Focused on Autonomous Systems in Cars Push -

Here’s how to make a DIY Amazon Echo -

Yahoo-Verizon Deal Closes, Marissa Mayer Out as CEO -

Screenshots, Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots… -

WWDC 2017 — Some Thoughts -

Apple makes major podcast updates -

A history of Taylor Swift’s odd, conflicting stances on streaming services -

Apple’s new iMac Pro costs $5000, but is it overpriced? -

The iMac Pro -

iOS 11 -

10.5-inch iPad Pro and an Updated 12.9 iPad Pro -

The Apple HomePod -

Pinboard has acquired Delicious -

Uber Fires Former Google Engineer at Heart of Self-Driving Dispute -

Apple hints you should wait to buy that MacBook Pro -

Apple Pay and Patents -

Apple is testing a glucose tracker for the Apple Watch -

The Case of Panics Stolen Source Code -

Apple to discontinue iPad mini -

Microsoft’s president on the WannaCrypt attacks -

Amazon’s Video app may be finally coming to Apple TV this summer -

Amazon Alexa and Solar Panels -

Matt Gemmell on damages to software values -

PSA: YouTube TV’s month-long free trial ends soon -

Building a Hackintosh -

Google Rewrites Its Powerful Search Rankings to Bury Fake News -

Kevin O’Leary officially drops out of conservative leadership race -

A Software Developer’s Mac Pro -

How Apple won silicon: Why Galaxy S8 can’t go core-to-core with iPhone 7 -

Phishing with Unicode Domains -

Nintendo to launch SNES mini this year -

Nintendo Shouldn’t Be Running Nintendo -

Nintendo Discontinues the NES Classic Edition -

Someone Made Their Own iPhone 6S -

Rolling your own VPN server -

The Vaporware Mac Pro -

Ubuntu abandons its phone efforts, will switch back to GNOME -

YouTube TV needs more channels, but it gets the basics right -

Panic Turns 20 -

Apple Reimbursing Customers Who Recently Purchased Now-Acquired App Workflow -

John Gruber on The Upcoming Mac Pro Updates -

With the new iPad, Apple keeps simplifying its product lines -

David Sparks on Apple’s Purchase of Workflow -

Google is killing Gchat for good and replacing it with Hangouts -

Apple introduces iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition -

Apple releases new 9.7-inch iPad -

John Gruber on the Purported 10.5-Inch iPad -

Amazon puts Alexa inside its main iPhone app -

Raspberry Pi sold over 12.5 million boards in five years -

ShatChat -

Password Rules Are Bullshit -

Steve Jobs’s first reaction to the Genius Bar: ‘That’s so idiotic! It will never work!’ -

Google calls ‘time’ on the Pixel laptop -

Microsoft now lets anyone create and publish Xbox games -

Uber CEO gets into an argument with driver -

YouTube is entering the cable cord-cutter business with youtube.tv -

Cloudbleed: How to deal with it -

Everything You Need to Know About Cloudbleed, the Latest Internet Security Disaster -

White House Bars Times and Other News Outlets From Briefing -

Apple Park opens to employees in April -

Apple says iOS 10.2.1 has reduced unexpected iPhone 6s shutdown issues by 80% -

Marco Arment’s Overcast 3 Design Walkthrough -

Alexa, Siri, Cortana: The Problem With All-Female Digital Assistants -

Cord Cutting for Apple TV -

Fire starts at Samsung’s Note 7 battery supplier -

GVFS (Git Virtual File System) -

Google, Apple, Facebook, Uber plan to draft joint letter opposing Trump’s travel ban -

Google’s Sergey Brin and CEO speak at Trump immigration ban rally -

Apple strategy in ‘smart home’ race threatened by Amazon -

Apple CEO Tim Cook on Immigration Executive Order: ‘It is Not a Policy We Support’ -

Sam Altman: Time to Take a Stand -

Steve Jobs saved Apple and Nike with the same piece of advice -

Apple blamed again for another distracted driving traffic crash -

Samsung says bad batteries and rushed manufacturing doomed the Galaxy Note 7 -

Here’s why you don’t want to download Meitu -

Nintendo’s Switch won’t run ‘Zelda’ at 1080p -

The Problem With AMP -

Threaded messaging comes to Slack -

Apple TV Apps Are About to get More Compelling Thanks to Less Restrictive File Sizes -

Why would Apple release a 10.5 inch iPad? -

Clean Code concepts adapted for JavaScript -

Spotify Job Opening: President of Playlists -

Nick Offerman takes on the nonsense gadgets of CES 2017 -

Where’s iPod? -

Alexa: Amazon’s Operating System -

Apple sued over fatal ‘FaceTime crash’ -

Finding an Alternative to Mac OS X -

Apple’s 2016 in review -

Evolving iPad Desktop Usage -

Tim Cook says AirPods are ‘a runaway success’ -

Carrie Fisher Dies at 60 -

Google will launch two flagship smartwatches early next year -

Holiday Flight Canceled After Jabroni Names Wi-Fi Network ‘Galaxy Note 7’ -

Nintendo Share Prices Decline in Reaction to Super Mario Run Pricing and Internet Connection Criticisms -

Pokémon Go Apple Watch App Released -

Pebble reportedly falling behind on Kickstarter refunds following Fitbit acquisition -

The iFixit AirPods Teardown -

Jason Snell answers all your burning AirPod questions -

Tim Cook says ‘great desktop’ Macs are in the works -

What I Learned about My iPhone After Switching to the Google Pixel -

One Year of iPad Pro -

Apple AirPods are now available -

Pebble Joins Fitbit, and shuts down operations -

Dear Apple: Give Us Control Over Stalkerware -

Downloads Make It Even Easier to Watch Netflix on the Go -

The Mac App Store and Scammy Apps -

Preventing Spam iCloud Calendar Invites -

Why Apple (probably) won’t make an ARM-powered Mac -

Woman’s letter to Halifax MP keeps getting returned by Canada Post -

Facebook’s Fight Against Fake News Was Undercut by Fear of Conservative Backlash -

Apple’s big App Store purge is now underway -

Marco Arment: A letter to today’s young people -

One Pro’s Look At The New MacBook Pro -

Leonard Cohen Dead at 82 -

A world without the Mac Pro -

Marco Arment on Designing for the present over the future -

Jason Snell, hands on with the new MacBook Pro and Touch Bar -

Jim Dalrymple on the 13-inch MacBook Pro (and the location of the escape key) -

Apple delays AirPod rollout, don’t expect them in October -

Microsoft’s Surface Studio -

Images of New MacBook Pro With Magic Toolbar Leaked in macOS Sierra 10.12.1 -

iPhone 7 Plus’s Portrait Mode in Real Life -

Google Assistant vs Siri! (2016) -

Hacked Cameras, DVRs Powered Friday’s Massive Internet Outage -

Hacked webcams that helped shut down the internet last week are being recalled -

Galaxy Note 7 recall becomes a presidential punchline -

Samsung Issues Takedown On Video Of Grand Theft Auto 5 Mod Turning Galaxy Note 7 Into A Weapon -

Meet The Nintendo Switch -

The 32GB iPhone 7 Has 8X Slower Write Speeds Than the 128GB and 256GB Models -

Pixel, iPhone 7, and grading on a curve -

Smartphone camera shootout: Google Pixel takes on the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 Edge -

From Dropbox to iCloud Drive -

Using Yarn with Docker -

Bob Dylan wins Nobel Prize in Literature -

Samsung’s Fire proof Note 7 Return Kit -

Why Samsung Abandoned the Galaxy Note 7 -

Oculus loses face as the Note 7 dies -

Yarn: A new package manager for JavaScript -

Federico Viticci on the iPhone 7 -

Life after death for Apple’s Xserve -

Samsung is suspending all production of the Galaxy Note 7 -

The AnandTech iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Review: Iterating on a Flagship -

Yahoo makes it difficult to leave its service by disabling automatic email forwarding -

How To Get An Alert When An App Accesses The Webcam Or Mic In macOS -

Microsoft Confirms Its October Windows 10 Event -

The Microsoft Band is dead -

MacOS Sierra: Using “About This Mac” to clean up your hard drive -

Complaints Arise Over Replacement Batteries for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 -

YouTube-MP3 Ripping Site Sued By IFPI, RIAA and BPI -

Rogers thanks shomi customers as streaming service shuts doors on November 30th -

Dropbox Modifies TCC.db to Give Itself Accessibility Access -

Google backs off on previously announced Allo privacy feature -

Jim Dalrymple on the Apple Watch 2 -

Matthew Panzarino on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus -

‘Stop using the Galaxy Note 7’, says US safety commission -

AirPods hands-on: They stayed in my ears and sounded awesome -

Apple’s annual iteration: Thoughts on the Sept. 7 media event -

Apple Explains Why It Eliminated the Headphone Jack -

Jason Snell on What to look for at Wednesday’s Apple event -

Samsung confirms it is recalling the Galaxy Note 7 after reports of explosions -

Apple is going to remove abandoned apps from the App Store -

Gene Wilder, comedy legend and star of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, dies at 83 -

Pinterest acquires Instapaper -

The Note 7 Still Delivers Embarrassing Real-World Performance -

Watching Canada’s Biggest Rock Band Say a Dramatic Goodbye -

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick discusses self-driving cars -

1Password for Teams and Families incompatible with VPNs -

Google Chrome to Flash: Good Bye, good riddance -

Putting Apple Product Development into Perspective -

The iPad’s unfinished business -

Amazon’s first ‘Prime Air’ plane -

Incipio is buying accessory maker Griffin -

Is iPad-only the new desktop Linux? -

An Ode to the iPod Classic -