Cheddar: Apple Planning Gaming Subscription Service

Alex Heath, writing for Cheddar:

Apple is planning a subscription service for games, according to five people familiar with the matter.

The service would function like Netflix for games, allowing users who pay a subscription fee to access a bundled list of titles. Apple ($AAPL) began privately discussing a subscription service with game developers in the second half of 2018, said the people, all of whom requested anonymity to discuss unannounced plans.

It’s unclear how much the subscription will cost or what kind of games Apple will offer. The service is still in the early stages of development, and Apple could ultimately decide to abandon it.

The company has also discussed partnering with developers as a publisher, according to two people familiar with the talks, which could signal Apple’s ambition to assume distribution, marketing, and other related costs for select games.

An Apple spokesperson declined to comment for this story.

I don’t see this working as a benefit so much for Macs, but for the Apple TV and their mobile devices, similar to how the Nvidia Shield offers a gaming service, it could work.