Reviewing the Surface Go

Microsoft released the Surface Go last week, and I’ve spent a few days playing with it.

This lower power, lower profile Surface tablet left a few questions when it came out. Especially with Windows 10 S mode, which is a slightly more secure mode for Windows 10 that only allows apps to be installed from the app store.

I actually did try to use S mode but found it didn’t quite work to my work flow so I disabled it for regular Windows 10, which is easy enough to do with a push of a button inside the app store. But for many users, S mode will work fine.

The Surface Go is slower than the Surface Pro devices, but that’s to be expected with a lower power processor, as the Go uses the Intel Pentium 4415Y processor compared to the Intel Core i7-7660U found on the Pro.

But, the processor speed doesn’t make this a bad device and over all, performance is great, the tablet may be small but it doesn’t act like it.

One thing to note, you do need to buy a Surface Go Keyboard separately.

The only thing I found comparing the Go keyboard with the Pro keyboard is the keys are a little cramped, I was used to typing on the larger keyboard size but once I got the hang of it, it was fine. 

The Surface Pen is the same for all Surface models and works perfectly.

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