Nintendo introduces Labo, DIY interactive cardboard toys for the Switch

Yesterday, Nintendo introduced a brand new product category with Labo,a suite of cardboard accessories for the Switch that you construct yourself and then play using the Switch console screen and controllers.

Pianos, fishing rods, little robots, and big robot suits….

I love that Nintendo is creating these product line, while the original Wii also inspired a bunch of accessories (who didn’t play star wars with the lightsaber attachment?), the DIY aspect of Labo helps show players what other fun things they can do and takes it a step further.

Although now that I think of it, I did notice that there was no sword in the kits.

You can preorder the Labo Variety Kit (cars, bike, house, piano, fishing rod) and the Labo Robot Kit ( (a wearable robot suit) on Amazon…they come out on April 20.