Rogers Smart Drive

Rogers has just released their Smart Drive unit for tracking your driving and car status.

In a press release, Leroy Williams, Vice-President of Rogers Communications had this to say:

Consumers are looking for more ways to stay connected wherever they are. Of the 24 million cars on Canada’s roads today, over three-quarters don’t have Wi-Fi or any connectivity features.

We’re excited to be the first carrier to introduce this kind of device to Canadians. Now, families can have peace of mind about their car maintenance and safety and can connect to the things and people they love worry-free.

I’ve spent the past week testing it out and other than one or two small annoyances, it’s worked pretty well.

Setting it up is easy, you simply plug it into your car’s ODB II (on-board diagnostics) port and let it connect to your cell provider via its onboard SIM card, then it starts tracking driving habits and how your car is doing.

With the Smart Drive installed, you can:

  • Track your car’s location and set alerts to monitor vehicle speed
  • Turn your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 5 devices to a time (just remember, this uses your data)
  • Diagnose car trouble
  • Get maintenance reminders
  • Be alerted of disturbances, like being hit while parked

The mobile app contains quite of bit of info from each trip you do, making it handy.

The biggest annoyance is if you accidentally knock the unit lose when you get in or out of the car. This happened three times, once I was able to merge the new car into my existing car, but the other two times I had to completely start over with a new car and lose all previous history.

I can get past this though as it was my fault, I was the one who knocked the unit lose because I wasn’t entirely paying attention as I got in or out of the car.

Actually, that’s really the only annoyance so far. It’s worked well for tracking my driving, or telling me how my car is doing.