From Jekyll To Ghost

For the past six months or so, I’ve been using a modified version of Ghost for Coded Geekery.

Last week, I migrated the Flybase Blog from Jekyll to Ghost, it was an interesting move, but worked great, and hasn’t had any issues.

Today, I pulled the trigger and migrated this blog to Ghost.

This one was a bit trickier as it has so much content (so much that I’ve actually moved content older than two years to the Archive).

This version still uses my front matter addon, so I could do the move pretty smoothly, it was mostly a matter of importing my markdown files into a ghost import file.

Why move back to a database driven CMS?

This blog tends to move engines every few years, WordPress, Second Crack, back to WordPress, over to Camel, then Jekyll and now nearly two years later, Ghost.

Ghost fits my current writing style, it’s markdown, and I can open it in any browser (or the desktop app) and just write, then publish.

With Jekyll, I’d either write on GitHub, or use an app, or use write locally and then push to GitHub, which was fine, but not as smooth as I liked it.

After using Ghost to write heavily with Coded Geekery (my other slightly more opinionated blog), I just like that flow better, so I made the switch.

Maybe I’ll move back to Jekyll or to another blog engine later, there are even libraries to publish a Ghost blog as static files on GitHub Pages, so maybe I’ll end up with a hybrid one day.

Only time will tell though.

I do plan on updating the layout soon as well, but for now, I like this layout hence why I ported it over to Ghost.