The KoalaSafe Family Friendly Wireless Router

KoalaSafe Family Friendly Wireless Router

I’m a parent, and I like to look at how to keep my daughter safer online, as well as being able to set schedules for when she’s allow to use the Internet, homework (or chore mode), etc.

I spent some time looking at various kids routers before deciding to go with the KoalaSafe and I’m happy with the result.

Once the router arrived, I plugged it into our existing router and used the iOS to pair it. Then I configured family members (in this case, my daughter), first by forgetting our main router from her eletronic devices and then by adding them under her name in the app as she connected. This part took about 10 minutes total if that since it also needed to download a new firmware update to the router.

Once that was done, I played with the settings, and they are nice, simple but nice.

There are various filters you can set for content, such as youtube, facebook, instagram, netflix, etc, and you can also create a schedule. The schedule has two modes:

  1. Primary mode: This is the mode for the rest of the day, and you can schedule when primary mode is active or not.
  2. Homework mode: This mode is used for what is set aside as homework (or even chore) time, during these scheduled blocks of time, the kids can only access certain websites, or even none at all.

You can also set filters for each mode, so if the schedule says homework time, then you can close out access to most websites, and have them open when it is primary time. You can also restrict the Internet ac

All schedules and filters are handled for each family member, or you can choose to use a universal schedule.

It’s also handy being able to hit a button and restrict Internet altogether, and it also lets you choose how often to restrict it for. To the opposite side, there is a parent mode which lets you enable Internet access for a fixed period of time.

What’s most handy though, is you can use the mobile app from anywhere you have Internet, and it will talk back to the KoalaSafe router at your home. So you can change the schedule, block Internet, add new filters from anywhere and it changes the router settings at home for you.

I highly reccommend checking out the KoalaSafe Family Friendly Router for yourself.