Android Apps on the Chromebook

What can I say, despite being an Apple guy, I’m also a fan of Chromebooks, they are handy and portable for when you want a simple go anywhere laptop.

Using tools like Cloud9 or CodeAnywhere, you can do most of your web coding, and even connect to servers to manage sites via terminal.

Heck, using Appgyver, I recently build an iOS app without needing Xcode at all, as I built it all using Cloud9, then deployed to their site and have Appgyver perform the xcode builds.

Now, Google has released the Google Play Store and let you run Android Apps on it. This lets you do even more.

This is currently a limited release, you need to be in the beta channel in order to access it and also be on supported hardware, as it needs a touch screen to work.

One of the chromebooks that got this early release was the Chromebook Flip. The Flip was one of my favourite Chromebooks even before this, as it’s got a nice looking metal shell to it, and the touchscreen and keyboard are both responsive and quick to work with.

With Android Apps, the Flip can now not only handle dev work with apps like Cloud9, but can also do everything else that an Android tablet can do, including running the Android Slack app, or the app or any other Android app.