Useful Pythonista Links

Pythonista is a great app for iOS that lets you get things done, and there are a lot of useful snippets out there that help make it more useful.

This post is to bring together some of those links, and I will probably update it as I add more. I’ll also tell you why they are useful..

To start, one of the most useful resources is the Pythonista forum, where other users share code for everybody to use. So check it out.

First, to make adding these snippets easier, let’s add some code to download any gist links and create a new script:

  1. Copy the code at this url: “” and save it as a new script.
  2. Then go to Settings > Actions Menu and select to add the script to your actions.

Now you can copy the gist URL into your browser and then when you open up pythonista and choose “import from gist” from your actions menu, it will add the snippet as a new script.. Handy.. Very handy..

Now, let’s look at DropBox Integration.. This is handy as you can keep all your files in DropBox and sync between devices..

  1. To start, let’s add the ability to login to DropBox
  2. Once you add this script, you will have to set up an app at and make sure it is limited to one folder, rather than all of DropBox.

Now, let’s add the DropBox sync app

This script, when run, will sync your local copy with the copy on DropBox, and update whichever one has recent changes.

I use this to go between my iPad, iPad mini and iPhone and it works well.

I also find this script useful to it as a web server, and download files from your browser. Also, easily customized..

The author of Pythonista also posted this handy Drum Machine script that my daughter loves to play with.

I find The Down For Everyone Or Just Me script really handy when you need to check a web site.

Also, this handy script for installing short cuts via webclips is a little tricky to start out, but works well..

You can also use this script to convert any image in your clipboard into a base64 string.

Also, if you want to email images, then use this script (also good example of using email from inside pythonista).

And finally, I use this script and bookmarklet to send to pinboard for book marking.

Pythonista is growing, and as it grows, so do the useful scripts that are available.. So play with the links above, and also make sure to read the forums on a regular basis so you can get more useful scripts.