Casey Johnston: ‘Don’t buy the MacBook Pros, even on sale’

Casey Johnston at The Outline, following up on her piece from late last year:

Since I wrote about my experience, many have asked me what happened with the new top half of the computer that the Apple Geniuses installed, with its pristine keyboard and maybe-different key switches. The answer is that after a couple of months, I started to get temporarily dead keys for seemingly no reason. Again.

I still had my 2013 MacBook Pro around, so I sold my 2016 MacBook Pro back to Apple’s refurb program, and now I just use the 2013 as my laptop (I used the recovered money to build a PC, lord help me). This old MacBook Pro is still fine, and most importantly, all the keyboard keys work. The new MacBook Pro is gone. When I started working at The Outline, I was offered a choice of a new MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air for my work computer, and I chose the MacBook Air, with its good keyboard that doesn’t break from dust. I’m fully committed to this bit.

My 12 inch MacBook has had a lot of issues with the keyboard along these same lines too. It’s been annoying (to say the least).

Apple may release new laptops with new keyboards that have these issues fixed, but Apple doesn’t seem too interested in fixing this issue for existing customers.