Using an iPad for photography workflows

I haven’t owned a laptop in half a decade.

Over time, I’ve happily moved more and more of my computing to the iPad, a process that was greatly accelerated two years ago with the arrival of the iPad Pro. I’m still rocking that first-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro, but what follows is equally applicable to older iPad models as well.

Photography was one of the last bastions of Mac usage in my life, but the advent of iOS 11 and a renewed developer interest in professional-grade iOS apps brought more and more of that workflow to the iPad over the past year.

To be practical, an iPad photography workflow has to encompass everything from shooting, importing, culling, editing, and the final export. The ideal scenario is to be able to trust the iPad to replace a laptop as my daily photography companion. It needn’t do so entirely — I’m happy to continue using my desktop-based collection of apps when I’m at home and need their specific capabilities — but I should feel confident taking nothing but an iPad with me when I head out on a shoot or take my next trip.

And I do.

Things aren’t perfect yet, but depending on your tolerance for doing things differently, we’re finally at a place where the iPad is a viable companion for the working photographer.