Apple’s new PayPal support makes it easier to trick iTunes

Apple has introduced PayPal support as a way to make purchases within its ecosystem, meaning it’s going to get easier to trick iTunes into thinking you’re in another country if you want access to different apps.

Users in Canada and Mexico will now be able to use PayPal to pay for purchases from iTunes, the App Store, Apple Music, and iBooks, with that capability being rolled out to other countries including the US “soon,” according to PayPal.

PayPal hides your credit card information, meaning you could technically trick the App Store into thinking you’re in another country and access another country’s suite of apps.

Previously, you needed a US credit card to pay for apps on the US store. You could already create an Apple ID in any country you wanted without a credit card for free downloads, but you had to buy gift cards first to access paid apps.

This was never that difficult anyhow, go to the store and buy a pre-paid Vanilla mastercard, and you can pay on the US app store.

But this does make it easier to do, maybe Apple is reaching the point where they just don’t care where you are anymore?