WWDC 2017 — Some Thoughts

Steven Sinofsky:

Many of us have been using the dev builds of iOS 11 and MacOS High Sierra this week. I wanted to share some thoughts on what I think are some of the important advances.

I have attended WWDC for many years, sometimes as a partner (working on Office), sometimes as a competitors (working on Windows), and sometimes just as an interested developer (grad school). There are always a range of emotions coming out of the event. In this era of massively global Apple, every event is galactic in scale yet it is super important to keep in mind that this is still their developer conference.

My view is that iOS is the healthiest developer ecosystem right now. For sure a big part is because the most revenue is accruing directly to developers, but just as important is the reality that the most valued targets for advertising and commerce are also using Apple devices. Together these create a vibrant and lively community of developers actively working on updates and new apps. An even more important reason for me is the unprecedented scale of customers and ability for Apple to deliver new software APIs to developers that will make it to 100’s of millions of devices in short order.

While the ecosystem might be the most robust right now, we also know how quickly the landscape can change. That is why the importance of how Apple evolves software that takes advantage of their market position is so critical. I believe this WWDC had some incredibly interesting developments in this regard.

I won’t cover everything of course, but wanted to point out what I think are the most interesting innovations or opportunities for developers engaged in the platform. Think of this as the trip report I would bring back for the team, after using the software for a week.

Source: https://medium.learningbyshipping.com/wwdc-2017-some-thoughts-3ff3230cdd58