Apple’s new iMac Pro costs $5000, but is it overpriced?

PC Gamer:

As far as specifications go, the iMac Pro is a pretty beefy PC, and in all the right places. It’s got one heck of a CPU, and a yet to be announced AMD Radeon Pro Vega 56.

Apple says that the $5000 base price for the new iMac Pro is a good deal, comparing its new computer to similar systems, specifically HP, which Apple said would have costed you $7000 for a similar system.

But the old adage is that Apple computers are overpriced for what they are and that if you DIY, you can get an equivalent system for cheap. So let’s try it! We went to our friends at PCPartPicker and built a system that attempted to match the new baseline iMac Pro feature for feature, to see how much we would actually save:

Price out similar systems to the iMac Pro then come back about the price.