Apple hints you should wait to buy that MacBook Pro

Jon Fingas, writing for Engadget:

If you needed a clue that Apple might be launching new Macs at WWDC, you just got it. Typical free shipping times for 15-inch MacBook Pro orders have slipped from same day to 3-5 business days in many countries, pushing deliveries to June 6th or later – conveniently, a day after the WWDC keynote. There aren’t any delays for the 13-inch model as of this writing, but it’s not clear whether that’s due to more bountiful supply or a lack of planned updates.

If the rumors are accurate, there won’t be any major external changes. This would be the classic speed bump with new processors (Intel’s 7th-generation Core chips) and other possible under-the-hood improvements, which isn’t surprising when the current design isn’t even a year old. While you’re unlikely to see a dramatic leap in performance, this could lead to longer battery life and better integrated graphics performance (mainly useful for 13-inch models). You could also see the MacBook Pro support up to 32GB of RAM, addressing a pain point for pros who struggle with the current 16GB limit.

I guess we’ll see at WWDC if we get a new MacBook or not…