Apple blamed again for another distracted driving traffic crash

Ars Technica:

Weeks ago, Apple was sued on accusations that its FaceTime app contributed to the highway death of a young girl in Texas. The girl’s family claims that the iPhone maker should have deployed technology to prohibit motorists from using the app.

Now there’s another lawsuit targeting Apple’s decision not to deploy a lock-out mechanism. This one—from an injured Southern California motorist—concerns locking out drivers from texting.

This lawsuit from accident victim Julio Ceja, who was rear-ended by a texting driver, does not seek any monetary damages. Instead, it demands that a Los Angeles Superior Court judge block Apple from selling iPhones in the Golden State until the devices are updated to include Apple’s patented technology to lock drivers out of their phones while driving.

Seriously, the fault in these accidents lie in the distracted drivers, not in Apple. If you ignore both common sense and the law (distracted driving carries a huge fine here in BC), then that’s your fault, not your phone’s fault or the makers of your phone.