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Finding an Alternative to Mac OS X

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Wesley Moore:

I deeply value the consistency, versatility, reliability and integration of Mac OS X and the excellent quality hardware it runs on. However the current state of the Mac has me considering whether it’s still the right platform for me.


Running each one I was looking for these attributes:

  • An integrated, consistent experience
  • Opinions and thoughtfulness:
    • One tool for each job.
    • A sensible/minimal selection of pre-installed applications.
  • Design:
    • Simple, easy to use/understand interface
    • Visually appealing and consistent
    • HiDPI support
  • Timely updates

I’ve looked at doing this a few times, I go between working with a MacBook, iPad, iPhone or a Chromebook Flip and work with Linux all day on servers, if I was moving away from MacOS, I’d probably just go with Linux Mint or similar Ubuntu based systems.

Wesley’s favorite was Elementary, which, at a glance, does seem to be the open source OS that most values good design. And that OS does look good, so I may have to try it out sometime for myself.

Honestly though, I don’t see moving away from MacOS as my primary operating system anytime soon. It’s taken years for Apple to get this OS to where it is right now.


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