Why Apple (probably) won’t make an ARM-powered Mac

Jason Snell:

With every release of a new iPhone powered by another cutting-edge processor designed by Apple, the rumbling grows. It’s amplified by the perception that the Mac is being delayed and hamstrung by the moves of the Mac’s chip supplier, Intel. It’s the theory that, one of these days, Apple is going to break from Intel and power its Macs with an Apple-designed processor related to the ones in the iPhone and iPad.

It’s a story with a certain amount of sense behind it. It seems like several Mac models have been delayed because Intel’s chips just weren’t ready in time, or weren’t ready in enough supply. The latest hubbub about the MacBook Pro being limited to 16GB of RAM is due Apple’s choice of a low-power Intel chipset that couldn’t handle more memory.

And it’s true, the Mac is no stranger to a processor transition. It’s happened three times in the 32-year life of the Mac, so roughly once a decade.

Yes, this post came out two days ago, but it’s an interesting read, and I was busy with a few things this week.

Source: http://www.macworld.com/article/3143953/macs/why-apple-probably-wont-make-an-arm-powered-mac.html