Woman’s letter to Halifax MP keeps getting returned by Canada Post

A woman in Halifax sent a letter to her MP after the U.S. election, hoping it would give her concerns more weight than a tweet or an email, but it keeps getting sent back to her.

“My letter was addressed to Andy Fillmore, member of Parliament, House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6,” Becca Babcock told CBC’s Mainstreet.

The address isn’t the problem, but the envelope is — it has no stamp.

The thing is, it doesn’t need one.

Babcock wrote the letter to express her commitment to electoral reform and her worries about racism and misogyny.

She thought back to her social studies classes and how she learned that you can send a letter to your MP at that Ottawa address postage-free. She even doubled-checked the Parliament of Canada website to verify this before mailing it off the first time. (Both that website and the Canada Post one make mention of the free postage arrangement.)

I remember learning about this rule in elementary school years ago, we all wrote to our local MP and didn’t have to include stamps on the letter.

This letter has now been returned twice, even when showing Canada Post workers proof of this rule, they still return it with no postage.

I found this interesting and share worthy due to Babcock’s persistence to get the letter delivered.

Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/canada-post-halifax-member-parliament-andy-fillmore-1.3856959?campaign_id=A100