Pixelmator 2.3 for iOS

There are some nice new features in the latest version for iOS including:

What’s New in Version 2.3

Pixelmator 2.3 for iOS brings an incredible Quick Selection Tool, a powerful and precise Magnetic Selection Tool, features many small, but awesome improvements to the selection experience on iOS, and more.

  • The advanced Quick Selection Tool lets you make incredibly accurate selections.
  • The smart Magnetic Selection Tool snaps precisely to the objects you trace.
  • Many small, but awesome changes improve the selection experience on iOS.

Selection improvements:

  • When making selections, you can now tap Invert to invert your selection.
  • The outline of selections made with the Color Selection Tool is more precise thanks to a content-aware smoothing algorithm.
  • The all-new marching ants design improves performance and has ants that actually march around your selections.
  • The Color Selection Tool is now faster (especially on older devices).
  • Added a Create New selection mode, which is now the default.
  • A live preview of your final selection is now shown when using the Add or Subtract selection modes.
  • You can now transform selections in the Arrange pane.
  • Selections now snap to layers and the canvas, just like layers do (but you can turn this off by turning off Guides).
  • Selections made with the Free Selection, Rectangle Selection, and Ellipse Selection tools now always snap to pixels, meaning there won’t be any unwanted, half-transparent pixels at the edges of a selection when you copy, delete, or transform it.
  • The selection paths of the Free Selection Tool are now made up of twice as many points, which makes them smoother.
  • When you open up Select with an already selected area, the selection tool that you were using previously will automatically become active.
  • When moving a selected area, dragging inside the selection will move it, and dragging outside the selection will now pan the image.
  • The selection outline that is added as you select with the Free Selection Tool now has a subtle animation.
  • When making selections with the Quick Selection or Color Selection tools, the selection preview now fades into the marching ants.
  • Tapping Undo after transforming a selected area sometimes used to make that area flicker. Fixed.
  • When using the Free Selection Tool, quickly tapping could sometimes make really small selections instead of adding points. Fixed.

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Use a two finger double tap to zoom in or zoom to fit.
  • The 9:16 aspect ratio is now in the list of ratios in Crop.
  • The request to let Pixelmator access your Photos library wouldn’t appear if you tried to save to Photos before having opened an image from Photos – it does now.
  • If you use Copy to Photos to save a new image to your Photos library, you’ll now be able to use Save to Photos to save over that new image.
  • If you drag a layer that is not selected (the transform handles aren’t visible) and it does not fit in the screen, the layer will not be moved. To move it – first, tap to select it.
  • When you hold two fingers to rotate a layer but one or both fingers are outside the currently selected layer, other layers in your image will not be selected – first tap to select the layer you want to rotate, then hold two fingers inside it to start rotating.
  • Zoom animations are a little more smooth as they now have subtle ease-out transitions.

Apple Pencil improvements and bug fixes:

  • When using Apple Pencil, the brush size of the Quick Selection Tool is pressure-sensitive.
  • Selections made using Apple Pencil and the Free Selection Tool are now more accurate.
  • The transform handle area is now smaller, giving you more precision.

Pixelmator for iPhone improvements:

  • The Select and Distort tool choosers are now laid out more symmetrically.
  • The selection mode in the Select tool chooser is highlighted more clearly.
  • Tapping to choose a selection mode will now close the Select tool chooser.

Pixelmator 2.3 for iOS has a bunch of other great improvements and fixes.

I’ve been using Pixelmator as my only image editor on both Mac and iOS for years now and highly recommend it.

Source: http://www.pixelmator.com/ios/