Even Microsoft has given up on Windows Phone

Sitting through all the keynotes at Microsoft’s Build, there’s one giant gaping hole in the coverage: Windows Phone was barely mentioned. In fact, it seems like the keynote speakers were actively avoiding the platform in most of the sessions, showing that Microsoft has basically thrown in the towel altogether.

In one presentation about how Visual Studio development, for example, the presenter received some enormous applause about the announcement that Xamarin was going free, and then went on to talk about how fantastically exciting it is that the platform covered all the platforms!

“We don’t care if it’s Android or iOS, we have you covered,” the presenter said, and continued onto the rest of his presentation.

Spot any platforms missing from that two-bulletpoint-list?

Spoiler alert: He didn’t mention BlackBerry, Symbian OS, Tizen, Sailfish, Palm OS … or Windows Phone.

Microsoft did the same thing when they slowly killed the Surface RTs, they just snubbed them and later announced it had died.

About time too, the Windows phone never really lived anywhere near it’s promise.

Source: http://techcrunch.com/2016/03/31/windows-pwn-windows-phone/