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What I’ve been reading this week (July 31/2009)


Ok at long last, here is another list post before I leave for a week’s holidays.

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  2. Using htaccess Files for Pretty URLS

  3. GetSimple – The simple Content Management System Ever

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  9. Aggressive Link Building with WordPress plugins

  10. 40 Hours Of Illustrator, Time-Lapsed – Gadgets – Gizmodo

  11. Puffing Smoke Effect in jQuery – Gaya Design

  12. The Loop « WordPress Codex

  13. Blogger hack: add delicious button with counter in your blogger posts

  14. 27 Firefox Addons For Power Blogging

  15. 24 useful free vectors | Designer Daily

  16. In the Woods – 10 Typography Tips to Bring your Skills to the Next Level

  17. How to Create an Icon – Video Tutorial « Bit Rebels

  18. How To Use #MrTweet Instead of #FollowFriday + My Weekly Recommendations | bkmacdaddy designs

  19. CSS Refresh – The Coder Zone

  20. A New Warehouse for Graphic Designers – Go for it!! | Graphic Design Blog – An Ultimate Resource for Graphic Designers

  21. Google Calendar Invoice Creator: A Simple Invoicing App

  22. The Webs Best Designers And Their Favourite Fonts | Web Design Blog by Union Room Web Design

  23. Latest Intesting jQuery Plugins And Snippets | Design-Notes

  24. 21 Amazing CSS Techniques You Should Know

  25. BBC NEWS | Technology | Firefox passes billion milestone

  26. Online Scheduling and Appointment Software – BookFresh

  27. 4 Steps to Creating a Freelance Schedule – FreelanceSwitch

  28. From CodeIgniter to Ruby on Rails: A Conversion – Nettuts+

  29. Free Portfolio WordPress Theme: Creative by Nature | Freebies | Smashing Magazine

  30. Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: August 2009 | Graphics | Smashing Magazine

  31. 15 Essential WordPress Plugins for Aspiring Designers

  32. 5 Interesting Ways to Calculating a Blog Value | Blogging Tips by

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Quick Function: Force iPhone redirection


I use one of my scripts to display a mobile version of my sites using the RSS feeds, but sometimes I have to redirect people automatically, so I usually use this piece of code somewhere:

$useragents = array ("iPhone","iPod","blackberry","palm","smartphone","iemobile"); 
$oniphone = false; 
foreach ( $useragents as $useragent ) { if (eregi($useragent,$container)){ $oniphone = true; } } 

If I’m on a wordpress site, then the code is placed in my functions.php file for my theme. If I’m on another site, then I usually place it on a file I know will get called. Generally, you can change it to look for a cookie if you choose to let people opt for the full version of your site, but otherwise, this code comes in handy.

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proASM updated….


Over the weekend, I updated proASM to include support for Amazon’s new signed authentication request protocol that they are bringing online August 15th, 2009. Amazon already enforces this protocol with their other AWS services so it was a matter of time til they enforced it with product feeds as well. Basically, every request we send to Amazon, now includes an encrypted version of the URL request encoded with the user’s secret access key. On the Amazon side of things, it compares the certificate you sent with their encoded version and checks for a match. No match means no valid request.

Read more about proASM here.

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Foodizu, a work in progress has been a work in progress of mine for the past 6 months or so, and I’ve seen it grow from a small cooking site to a site with nearly 200 members and over 4,000 recipes. So to build on this work in progress, I am pleased to talk about some new changes in the works. First of all, foodizu is getting a major facelift, and you will see that coming shortly. It’s a design that I’ve been working on for several months and happy with the result. Second, some new features include the ability to add blog posts so you can write about your cooking experiences as well as adding your recipes. The next new feature is that all users will receive a profile page that will list their recipes they have added, and blog posts they have made. I am also almost finished the mobile version of foodizu, where you can find recipes from anywhere. There are some other features in the works as well, but this seems like enough news for today.

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