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Friendz, Foodizu and other exciting news!!!


Ok, so just thought I’d drop a quick update here about what’s been going on.
1. Friendz is about 75% done and still on track for completion for the 30th of this month (April, 2009). I know you’re all eagerly (and not-so-eagerly) awaiting it’s completion, but I can defintely promise you all that it’s worth it.
2. Foodizu is getting some updates over the past week or so, to streamline it more as we get more users and many more recipes. Over 100 recipes have been added this past week alone.
3. On another note, at my day job, I just finished a month of re-coding a website at my day job that was previously an in-house ASP project and is now 100% wordpress / amember powered. You can see it here at This project is an safety compliance website that is a companion to our print newsletter (also called Safety Compliance Insider). Lots of custom theme work to make that project happen nicely and quickly. There’s some more news, but that can wait a little while longer.

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DBStract…. The Next Step


For the past month, I’ve been working on getting the next phase of DBStract together, and there are new features and re-vamped features that will be showing up. Some new features to expect in the next couple months with DBStract:

  • Comment System – comment on each entry

  • Improved Form Builder

  • Improved Report Builder

  • Smart logic on entries. Ranging from who to email right up to redirecting to another form based on their entry.

  • More Payment methods (for pro users)

  • More documentation on the DBStract API. Plus I have some articles underway for using the API that will be published on

  • Some other features, but they are being kept under wraps for the moment. These should be enough to whet your appetite for now.

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A quick update on new projects


I’ve been busy on a new wordpress plugin that will be launching soon that is pretty cool. Some details about it: turn any wordpress-powered site into a social network, complete with profile page, wall, favourites, friends, the works. There’ll be more to come in the next couple weeks, but it’s a pretty cool plugin so far. Otherwise, busy with a mobile version of, and the final touches of’s mobile interface.

Just a quick note, friendz hasn’t been released yet, I have a spot set up on the wordpress repository because I go between multiple workstations and also so that when I do release it in the next couple weeks, there’s no waiting around like there was when I did newspage. Release is aimed for sometime in the next two weeks, so please have some patience, I promise it will be well worth it.

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