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So, the adsense experiments I did have had mixed results.

It pretty much depends on the visitor and what he is looking for which is what I said originally before I even tried these experiments. Will let them run a bit longer though to see how it plays out.

Last week, I bought one of those mead Zwipes erasable pen. You write with it, then use the “ink unlocker” to undo the ink and then rub over it with the eraser on the pen. Doesn’t work. Leaves your paper with a big oily stain and the words still sit there. Save your money. Stay Away From Them!

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New Article on


As some of you know, I also do some freelance writing duties for This week, a new article was published called “Using RSS Feeds and Mod_rewrite to add Classified Listings on your Website” View it here: on A quick overview of the article as if the name doesn’t say it all is this: “Today we’re going to discuss how to put job listings on your site using RSS feeds. You could easily adapt this script to use any type of RSS feeds, but our target for this article is”

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Ok, so today I decided to start trying some new experiments to start monetizing my web sites more. I get lots of traffic from them so I decided it was time to start doing something with them.

First, I changed to display 3 types of adsense ads, so I’ll give them a week or so to see how it goes.

Then, I changed to have different types of ads too.

The two of them use a different format so I’ll try them both and see what the end results end up being. :)

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Cats are supposed to hate mice NOT mice…


Ok, so that title may make no sense, unless you have to deal with my cat.

Sebastian is a 1 and a half year old cutie with a mind all his own. He’s the only cat I know who can change the channels on the TV remote and sit around all day watching cartoons.

I was visiting Penticton this weekend so he was home alone. I came home today to find my mouse had been unplugged from my KVM switch and destroyed. He had pulled the various wires out and seperated the cable from the mouse. I was not very happy and he got a good lecture about that.

What is up with that? I mean, seriously, he has a ton of toys from little stuffed mice to a few teddy bears and balls in between and yet, he chooses to attack my computer mouse?

I need to find a cat translator somewhere…..

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